Mental Health and Me: How I Use Results with Lucy to Promote Positive Mental Health

February 06, 2019

Results with Lucy Ambassador, Jayme, tells us all about how she uses Results with Lucy to help her manage her mental health...

For many people with mental health problems, one of the main symptoms is a lack of motivation. A lack of wanting to get out of bed. A lack of wanting to do anything. But what does that achieve? Sadly, for most, it means going further down the spiral of depression 🌀 This is how I felt for many years. I didn’t look after my body and I didn’t even care. My relationship with food was awful and I would often binge to the extreme to make myself feel better. My relationship with exercise was non-existent unless the occasional dog walk counted. However, the larger I got, the more depressed I felt. Go figure, huh?! 🤔

Around four years ago, I decided this had to change. I realised that I wasn’t making myself feel better so I started my ‘journey’ to a healthier lifestyle. It started with my relationship with food, and I slowly began to lose weight by making healthier choices (for the most part!). Then I decided it was time to try out this whole exercise malarkey. I started going to the gym and exercise classes with a friend and soon realised that working out actually made me feel better! However, due to having social anxiety, if my friend would cancel on me it meant that I didn’t have the confidence to go by myself, so my relationship with exercise was inconsistent.

I had tried many celeb fitness DVDs 📀 in the past but would get very bored very quickly as there was no variation, so working out at home was never something that I really enjoyed. I came across Results with Lucy and thought it would be the same kind of thing, but had seen many girls on Instagram with great transformations so decided to give it a whirl. I soon found for myself that all of the judgements that I had made about RWL were untrue. I have been with RWL for over two and a half years now and I can truly say that this is the longest I have ever stayed consistent with exercise, and more importantly, I enjoy it! 💃🏼

Not only has RWL helped with building my motivation to want to work out, but it has also changed my mindset. I’m not going to lie, there are still some days/weeks that I wake up feeling extremely depressed, but I also know that RWL has a wonderful community who are going to help and build me up when all I want to do is self-sabotage 💕 I also know that as much as I may not want to exercise on some days, all I have to do is go on the website and pick a quick and fun workout video, and my mood will always improve (even if it is sometimes only marginally, it is still an improvement!)

It really is true when people say that exercise is one of the most under-utilised anti-depressants out there. Like I said, I still have days when my mental health is crap, but I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Results with Lucy, I would be in a much worse mind-set than I am now.

My Top Tips for Managing Mental Health

Routine - whether you are working or not, it’s well know that if you lack a routine then your mental health is likely to suffer 📆

Plan, plan, plan! - I always try to plan for the week ahead in terms of what I’m eating and when I’m working out, so that when it gets to the day I don’t even have to think about it. And if the diary says so, I have to do it! 📝

Challenge your inner demons - those days when you wake up and just want to shut yourself off from everything...those are the times you need to challenge yourself! Even if you can only manage a 10 minute workout, you still worked out you badass! 😈

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people - negativity breeds negativity. If there are people in your life that make you feel rubbish about yourself then say bye, Felicia! 👋🏽

Set small and achievable goals - if you set goals that seem a long way off, then you are more likely to give up and lose your mojo before you achieve them. By setting smaller goals, once you hit them it will instantly begin to improve your self worth! 🎯



👉🏽 If you wanted to join me in promoting your own positive mental health, then click here to start your Free Trial today! 👈🏽


Jayme (aka. @the_healthy_scoffer )


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    • Jane L February 12, 2019

      Great little article Jayme. I almost could have written it myself. I’ve only just started out but am loving RWL and I totally agree that exercise helps with mental health. I love all that RWL stands for and I’m not finding it boring like many other things I’ve tried.

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