It's Good to Talk: How to Support Someone with their Health Journey

June 24, 2019
Gem Blight

It is often said that one of our greatest problems is knowing how and what to say when talking about our feelings ❤


This is particularly relevant when trying to support someone through a weight-focused or mental health and fitness journey.


So, how can you talk to someone you are trying to support without causing offence or saying the wrong thing? Here are our top DONT's and DO's when talking to someone about their health...



  • Don't use shame, it does not help to create long-term change. Shame only drives the unhealthy behaviors out of sight
  • Do not frame the whole conversation around weight, food and exercise - try to find out the underlying cause?
  • Do not force the issue
  • Don't start monitoring food and exercise habits
  • Do not try and offer fad-diet or psychological hints and tips
  • Never judge, we all have reasons for behaving in the ways that we do


DO ✅

  • Remember that the person you are trying to talk to will probably already be aware of their behavior and may even feel ashamed of their situation
  • Talk about emotions and well-being, how are they feeling?
  • Try to use empathy, how would you want someone to broach a difficult subject with you if they needed to?
  • Speak from a place of respect and love
  • Look beyond the problem, they are so much more than the topic you are trying to talk to them about


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Gem Blight
Mindset & Motivational Blogger

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