How to Celebrate Milestones without Meals!

August 08, 2019
Gem Blight

You work so hard to reach your health and fitness milestones that you feel such a big sense of achievement once you reach each of your goals 🎯

Now, who here celebrates achievements, milestones or other accomplishments with a meal out, or a big blow out of all of your favourite foods? For some of us, we can comfortably reward ourselves in such a way and then draw a line to get back on our goals the next day. But for others, this is not as easy and can quite easily become a spiral away from where we want to be.

So, what other ways can we celebrate our milestones that don't involve meals out and food which can often be triggers back to old, unhealthy habits? Check out our suggestions here...!


Spa Day 💅🏽 Go and treat yourself to a fresh set of nails, a massage or a facial. You deserve to be pampered !

New Clothes 👗 You've been working hard and the chances are that you've lost inches and should go and shop for your new shape!

Mini Break 🎡 Book yourself a couple of nights away to the seaside, your favourite city or maybe even somewhere hotter! 

PT Session 🏋‍♀ Learn a new skill to use in your training or take your workouts to the next level and book yourself a Personal Training session to see how hard you can really push yourself!

Duvet Day/Day Off 💤 Who doesn't love a lazy day under the duvet watching some of your favourite films with a cup of tea?!

Collectible Purchase 💷 Have something you like to collect but haven't had a reason to purchase one recently? It might be Disney or sports merchandise, a particular range of ornaments or even Harry Potter classics!

Charm or Jewelry 💍 Treat yourself to a fresh new charm for your bracelet or that piece of jewelry you've had your eye on!


👉🏽 Want to start hitting your health and fitness milestones so that you can celebrate your successes with our suggestions? Click here and start your free Results with Lucy trial today! 👈🏽

Gem Blight
Mindset & Motivational Blogger

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