Turn That Frown Upside Down

July 01, 2019
Gem Blight

We all get days like it - you know the ones where there is no 'umph' about them. The days where we just can't seem to be productive, nothing goes right and leave us feeling demoralized 😔 We get stuck in our own head and let the little things get to us even though we know we shouldn't.

But is the problem the actual day we're having, or our mindset towards the day?

The emotions we attach to any event in our lives are completely down to us. How we choose to react and behave in certain situations determines whether we create an optimistic feeling for ourselves, or a beaten down and negative one 👎🏽


A very simplistic way of looking at happiness is the following:

"when life matches our expectations then we are content, when life does not match our expectations then we are frustrated, disappointed or even depressed"

(taken from our Happiness With Self Love Journal)


And so, with this in mind, how can we work on turning what appears to be a negative day into a much more positive one...? 🤔


Turn That Frown Tip One: Manage your expectations ⚖

For example, if you write yourself a list of 20 things to do at the start of the day, but realistically you are only going to get 7 or 8 of those things done, you are setting yourself up to feel like a failure. Instead, prioritize what you need to get done but mix in with some quick-win jobs to help give you a sense of achievement in and around the bigger, more time consuming tasks. Spread that list of 20 things over 3 or 4 days and you'll feel much better in yourself for it!


Turn That Frown Tip Two: Practice self reflection 🎭

If you are facing a scenario whereby you have had a negative experience previously of the same thing, take a moment to recall how you reacted last time and how that made you feel. Then think about how you can choose to react differently this time and how it might make you feel a better way towards the current situation.


Turn That Frown Tip Three: You can only control YOU! 🚦

By acknowledging that we are only in control of how we react in certain situations which might make us feel a bit glum, and not how others react is the biggest realization you can have! Getting frustrated with how other individuals approach situations has no impact on anyone but you. Accept their choice, acknowledge you cannot do anything about them and move on with your own behaviour choices.


Turn That Frown Tip Four: Decide the type of person you want to be, and start showing up as her! 💫

If you wish you handled situations with a bit more optimism or happiness, and hope to become that type of person in the future, start faking it 'til you make it sister! Decide the type of person you want to be:



Accepting that not everything will always go the way you want it to

and start showing up as that person every. single. day.

This will immediately allow you to handle those negative frown moments with much more positive energy and acceptance!


Here at Results with Lucy, we believe that we all create our own happiness through healthy, loving choices for ourselves. This is why we have released a brand new and exclusive With Self Love Happiness course to our RwL App! We highly recommend this course if you are wanting to really learn the secret to unlocking your own happiness 🤩


So pop your positive pants on and take a look at our exclusive With Self Love Happiness course alongside our Fitness and Food features by starting your free trial today!


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Gem Blight
Mindset & Motivational Blogger

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