The tired grumpy mum...... that I am 😴

December 20, 2017
Tiredness, where do I begin? I just don’t know how I am going to make it through the day some days, the lack of sleep is REAL! Polly sleeps in her own bed now but every now and then she executes a sneak attack at the foot of my bed and we all know what that mean, so sleep for me tonight! Then there is Alfie, he is in his crib next to me and is just a really bad sleeper so some nights I am looking at 3 hours, if I am lucky. So, the lack of sleep beats me some days. Just this morning Polly looked at me and said, “Mummy, you don't look very nice, you look tired”. My answer to this? Well, I looked lovingly down at my daughter and said, “Thanks Polly, that’s because mummy has you and your brother and this is what you do to me”.
Some mornings I wake up and think to myself, I have no idea how I am going to make it through the day and do the night again. Why are the mornings and night times so stressful as a mum? I feel like I age a couple of years every day when trying to do the daily routine. Why is it so hard to get out the house in the morning? Why do I have the same dramas every morning with Polly? Why is it so difficult to get her to bed at night? I am like Polly, we have been doing the same routine for 5 years now, come on we got this! With the plan of speeding up the getting ready process in the morning, Polly plans how she wants to have her hair for school the night before but if my hairdresser skills are not up to scratch in the morning that’s it, I am in for it! She also asks every morning ‘Mum, do I have time to play?’ And every morning, it is the same answer ‘No Polly, hurry up we are going to be late AGAIN!’
And then, JUST as I am about to leave for the school run I smell something and look at Alfie. Yep Alfie, you have pooed right on time. He gets me every morning. Why is his timing so on point? Knowing my luck, there is not time and I have to do the school run with poo on my arm or somewhere I haven’t found on my body. I drop him off to my mums (she looks after him when I am at work, soooo lucky I know!) then it’s Polly’s turn to be dropped off, running her in, inevitably looking like a crazy woman.
By the time I get to work, I already feel like I have done a full day’s work. I must admit though, having lunch at work is the best for me because I actually get to sit and eat in peace. After work, I go pick up the kids and the night madness starts, normally with Alfie crying because he is tired. This is usually followed by Polly moaning because she wants to play but it’s bedtime. My partner Paul then walks in smiling and I can’t help but look at him and say, ‘Wipe that smile of your face we have work to do! Let’s tag team this s***, which one are you taking on?’ Once the kid is chosen, we take them on. We will defeat them!
That’s another thing, why is it when your partner needs to have a shower or go to the toilet they get to do it in peace because when the kids go upstairs, you get ‘Jane, Jane I am trying to have a shower come get Polly” but when it’s us?! I normally have a full-blown audience. Prime example is the other day, I was sitting on the toilet with Polly on my lap because she hurt her toe and Alfie in his chair throwing toys around. My thought process at that point in time is always the same, fantasising about what it would be like to go a toilet by myself or shower in peace without Polly wanting to poo at the same time.
 I really do try to make sure I get a second to myself. I find exercise helps, that’s my me time. Even though I feel like I am torturing myself some days, pain is beauty, pain IS beauty!
As mums, it’s easier said than done but we really do need to make sure we make time to look after ourselves.
What that means depends on the person but I know for me, exercise is it. With Results with Lucy you can work out from home any time so it fits into whatever empty slot there may be.
Together as mums we will get through this I am sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel! haha.
Love Jane x
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