Sports Bras For Bigger Busts

January 15, 2019
Results with Lucy is all about getting fit and feeling good in the comfort of your own home so why not have a great wardrobe to go with it? Well girls we’ve got all the juicy details here!
Today were focusing on the women with big 🍉 🍉.... 🤣
Yes they're big, round and sometimes they bounce off the ground, but I’m here to bring you our best picks for a supportive and secure Sports Bra. Our #rwlfitties have tried and tested the bras below and have given them a great review!
Breasts are made from soft tissues rather than muscle so having the right gym wear can reduce sagging and discomfort.
There’s also nothing worse than being unable to complete your workout due to a wardrobe malfunction, so be sure to invest in that reliable Sports Bra so you don’t have to deal with any black eyes. 🙊

Your Sports Bra should...

  • Make you feel good whilst keeping your bust is secure so when you're in the middle of a plank or mountain climber, you won’t accidentally get knocked out by your own boobs. 🤣

  • Have enough material to be able to keep your beloved bust covered but also give you a slight cleavage for that confidence kick. 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Ensure there is enough structural support on the back 🙏🏼

  • Have comfortable wiring/material so it doesn't dig into your sides 👍🏼 


Our #rwlfitties favourite tried & tested recommended sports bras:

Nike - Impact Sports Bra.


This black Nike bra is a great first pick if you’ve just delved into the world of fitness. Don’t panic if you haven’t had a chance to buy one yet... Get yourself online and accidentally type in your credit card details 👀... Don't worry your secrets safe with us. 😘 
  • DriFit: Moves sweat away from the body.
  • Mesh Panelling.
  • Made with Polystyrene and elastane: Great fabric!
  • Elasticated Hem: More room for movement.

Best prices from online store: Nike: £37.95 or Sports Direct: £31.99 💰

M&S - High Impact Underwired Sports Bra A-DD

M&S is a great brand when it comes to Sports Bras as they have lots of different shapes and sizes to pick from, in great patterns and colours too! This high impact navy blue Sports Bra will leave you feeling super trendy and secure. This has been rated top quality by one of our #rwlfitties!

  • Control: Extra high impact
  • Non wired: Comfort for the rib cage
  • Front fastening: Easy to tighten
  • Product Style: Full cup

Best prices from online store: Marks & Spencers: £25 💰

Shock Absorber -  Ultimate Run Bra AW17

Shock absorber is a well know brand for women with bigger busts because of its well thought out bra structure.
They have some amazing colours (the pink one is my fav 😍) so the choice of how daring you want to go is truly yours!

  • Non Wired Sports Bra: Comfortable
  • 2 Hook Fastening: D-G Cups: Wide range
  • Non-Padded: More room for your own breasts.
  • Partially Adjustable Straps: Loosen or tighten.

Best prices from online store: Bravissimo: £40 or Very: £45 💰

Bravissimo - Inspire Sports Bra

Bravissimo is very well-known brand for catering for women with bigger breasts! They have found the secret to success with these great looking bras! 😍

  • 3 hook fastening: F-G cups: Wide range
  • 4 hook fastening: GG-L cups: Extra safe and    secure.
  • Non-Padded: Fill the bra out yourself.
  • Straps: Partially Adjustable Straps: Loosen if needed.

Best prices from online store: Bravissimo: £29.00 from £34.00 💰

Panaches - Sports Bra Lime/Cobalt Blue

Panches have been the talk of the town with the #rwlfitties and they absolutely love their bright colours, nude tones and patterned style bras! If you’re feeling bold this yellow bra is the colour for you!

  • Underwired cups: Safe and Secure
  • Semi-adjustable straps: Easy to tighten
  • J-hook option: Extra support with this hook.
  • Fastens with three hooks: Just like a normal bra.

Best prices from online store: Panaches: £42 💰

We hope that these recommendations come in handy especially since they're been tried & tested by the #rwlfitties 🙏🏼 Comment below if you have anymore suggestions 👇🏼✍🏽

Robyn x


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  • Gem Blight March 25, 2019

    I love the Panache bras and Shock Absorber! Can’t go wrong and reasonably priced as well :)

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