March 27, 2018


My name is Laura and I am one of the Results with Lucy Ambassadors!

Thinking back to my spice girl days when girl power and being a female boss was everything, those songs taught us from a young age how standing together and supporting one another could make us feel like supergirls!

Sadly through my teenage years that concept seemed a bit lost. I found it became more normal for us girls not to stand together and instead, put each other down in hopes it would make us feel better. Which of course it never did! I hold my hands up and admit I was no different. Instead of looking at someone I aspired to and saying 'wow, theyve worked hard, good on them', I  would find myself seeing the negative! More of a 'well I bet she's stuck up' or something similar...

I set up my Instagram account for no other purpose than to document my journey and take accountability for what I was doing (or not doing), but what I got out of it was so much more...

I found the #rwlfitties and they found me! They picked me up when I was down, provided me with support and listened when I needed a friendly ear! We're out in force showing how beautiful and strong we can be when we stand together! Social media gets a lot of stick and sometimes I get why, but I've found real friends from all over the country. They get my struggles as some of them have been through the struggles themselves and even when they don't, they help me through my problems all the same!

I never in a million years imagined I would be apart of such a bad ass community! 👭💪🏼

When you stand alone its hard to make a huge difference but when you stand as part of powerful united girl gang, you can be unstoppable! ✌🏽

When you support each other not only do you make others feel great, but you also make yourself feel great too!

If you need some inspiration, or friend to chat with or a support when you're struggling, then look no further than the #RWLFITTIES! Since becoming an ambassador and apart of this great ever growing community, I've gained so much more than muscles... I've gained life long friends!


Click here to get started on your RwL journey and join the rest of the #rwlfitties for free today!


Laura x



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  • Maria September 19, 2019

    I just love being part of this community!

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