Results with Lucy at the Gym!

March 15, 2019

Hi, I am Tara and I am one of the Results with Lucy Ambassadors 👋🏼

I have never really enjoyed exercise, even in my teens, and I have always found it so hard, feeling like I was rubbish at everything... In my early twenties I wanted to get into fitness and so I joined a gym. I started off going regularly but then slipped into not wanting to go because I felt like everybody in the gym was judging me and looking 👀 I then attempted classes but could not stick to them or find ones I loved. Running was also a new sport I tried but like everything else, it lasted all of a month max before I started hating it. I also continued to eat what I wanted because didn’t understand the consequences of the things I was putting into my mouth 🍸🌮🍰🍔

Fast forward a few years to when I discovered Results with Lucy! In April 2018, I had gained over a stone and with my wedding in July 2018 I wanted to look absolute best 👰🏽💍 The reason I chose Results with Lucy over any other online platform was because they have hundreds and hundreds of workouts, lots of amazing food recipes and a huge support network which for me was a big win. I needed to be accountable for my working out and healthy eating.

I love working out from home because it means that I can roll out of bed and straight to my workout. Some days I may be short on time but I have the ability to select shorter workouts meaning I have no excuses not to workout!

My husband likes to work out in a gym which is no problem as I am able to take Results with Lucy into the gym with me, on my mobile phone 📱 While he works out on the big machines, I can set up my workout in the studio away from everyone else. This also means that if he feels like it, he can take part in my workout with me which encourages me to workout harder 💦

I am also fortunate enough to have a small gym in my workplace but with lunchtimes being prime time for all gym bunnies it means it can get a little packed. If this is the case I whip out my phone and do a Results with Lucy workout. By doing my RwL workouts in the gym, I am able to challenge myself as I have the ability to use a wide variety of weights without having to purchase them all myself.

I have lost over a stone in weight since joining RWL and changed my body image. My goals for 2019 are to continue with my weight loss but to maintain a healthy lifestyle but more importantly, keep consistent with my workouts ✨


👉🏽 If you don't quite want to leave the gym behind, why not sign up to a our free trial and take Results with Lucy with you, to add a whole lot of fresh variety to your gym workouts, today! 👈🏽

Tara x


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  • Donna March 21, 2019

    I find gyms so scary! I never know what to do with the equipment there! That’s why I love working out from home with RwL 💕

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