Results Retreats: Going It Alone!

March 15, 2019

Here, Results with Lucy Ambassador, Laura, tells us of her experience attending one of our Results Retreats all by herself...!

So I've just got back from attending my second results retreats, meeting a bunch of incredible woman, whom by the end of the weekend, I felt really close and comfortable with! But it got me thinking about how much I have grown since joining Results with Lucy 🌱

I had always been very nervous of new social situations or doing anything by myself.. I mean I never caught a train on my own, let alone did anything without the security blanket of a friend with me! I dreamt of being the kind of person who went off to live out their dreams of travelling and having exciting new careers but instead my fears kept me from adventure.. I always played it safe!

Safe is great don't get me wrong, I have the most wonderful family and roots but before I started to challenge myself and take on my comfort zones, it's fair to say I felt a bit 'stuck'. I worried life would pass me by and I would look back on missed experiences... 😞

So a few years ago now Results with Lucy invited me to go to Leeds for a Christmas party. How ever much I wanted to go, my mind and body was in a blind panic of 'going it alone'.


*has mental pep talk with self*


I didn't want to feel stuck anymore, I wanted to have adventures (after all the best stories come from adventures)!


So I went. I panicked the journey there but the moment I was in a room of like minded woman, I relaxed, I had fun and I made friends! 👭


That moment changed a lot for me. Once I knew I could do it once, I knew I could do it again!

I've now been on few meet ups and two retreats, all the while, making friends from all over the country. I even got a plane on my own (massive step for me) these experiences have been incredible! ✈

So on the retreat over the weekend with some strong, inspiring woman, a lot of whom would have been nervous about 'going it alone' I watched and listened.


Women supporting women, swapping stories, motivating each other, showing kindness and making bonds! It was a really empowering experience to see and be a part of!

So if your thinking about going on a Results Retreat but fear is standing in your way, push yourself to go out of your comfort zone! Challenge your fears: you will be amazed at how great you will feel, all the best life experiences come from outside your comfort zone!

I've now learnt how great it is when you go and do new things and I will continue to live my life with a pinch of adventure, enjoying and growing from it!

You've got this girls and I really hope to meet more of the beautiful #rwlfitties in the future 💕
Laura x


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  • Megan April 24, 2019

    I would love to go on a retreat…but I think I’m probably much older than most of the ladies that attend…Do you know what the age range for attendees is?

  • Kelly March 21, 2019

    I cannot wait to join RwL on a retreat in April in Manchester 🤗 This blog has made me feel better about going on my own. Thank you xx

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