Hi, I'm Gem, one of the Results with Lucy ambassadors. I am here to tell you about my journey of discovering that I have an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism).



When I finally received a diagnosis stating that I had been living with an Under-Active Thyroid and that it was the cause for such a dramatic change in me both physically and mentally for the previous 18 months to 2 years leading up to that moment, to say that I was relieved to have a diagnosis/answer as to why; was an under-statement…

Having said that, a diagnosis was all I got. I was told what my hormone levels were, what they should be and to take some tablets each morning to help manage my thyroid function. Don’t get me wrong, my doctor was lovely throughout the whole process of discovering if there was anything going on medically with me, but I also feel that there was a distinct lack of information available to me from my surgery or direction to give me some more information about my diagnosis.

I did a little bit of research when I got home, after crying with pure relief that my uncontrollable weight gain and horrible mood swings were due to a reason and not just because I was being a greedy shit who hated my life (I honestly felt like that 99 per cent of the time and continued to do so until the Thyroxine kicked in!). I then stopped doing a little bit of research when I discovered that there is SO MUCH information out there. All conflicting, mostly aimed at an American market which is fine if you understand the terminology and can translate it and none of it particularly helpful to me.

What I did learn is how much your thyroid controls in your body! I didn’t even know what a thyroid was really, if I’m being honest until I started looking into it. The best and most understandable explanation I have found is from the British Thyroid Foundation.

Your thyroid quite literally has an effect on your skin, hair, mood, weight, tiredness and so much more! When I went for my re-bloods after being on Thyroxine for around 8 weeks, I was told that my metabolism function was at a 5 when I was first tested (apparently it should be between 15 and 21 for a reasonable function). At the time of my re-bloods, it was at a 7 and showing signs of climbing. I basically didn’t have a metabolism so it was no wonder that whatever I ate, I was gaining weight at a rate of knots. My body wasn’t digesting or processing any of the food I was eating and just holding onto it all!

The next part in the diagnosis process was to register for medical exemption so that I do not have to pay for my prescriptions every time. I wasn’t told that I would be appearing on a medical exemption list for a life-long medication next to horrific conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and hypoadrenalism. To me, a dodgy thyroid isn’t even comparable to what such others are living with. This blew my mind.

I am by no means an expert on thyroids and I certainly know hardly anything about the condition I am set to be living with for the rest of my life.

What I have learnt is that it is all about finding what works for YOU and being consistent with that. I personally find that I feel better in myself when I eat loads of protein, loads of green and colourful veggies, eat home cooked meals, workout and keep myself hydrated. I also feel miles better when I am consistently exercising. It helps me to maintain my energy levels while also support my thyroid function.

This is why Results with Lucy works so well for me. There are hundreds of recipes available on the website which means I never get bored of what I am eating. The workouts are convenient for me to complete in my home, without fear of the gym-judgement or the added travel time to a gym which is impossible for me to work into my very busy schedule.

If I am every having a ‘down day’ or what I like to call a ‘thyroid slump’ I simply choose fun, short workouts what I know will get my sweaty but most importantly, that I will enjoy!

Results with Lucy has educated me so much around food and fitness and I genuinely feel that without being a member, I would not be in the position of power that I am now to be able to manage my thyroid condition as well as I do.


👉🏽 If you want to take a look inside the Results with Lucy website for free, then click here and find out how it can help you, too! 👈🏽


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