Travelling essentials- to save money, stay healthy and enjoy your travels!

July 24, 2018
Lucy Mecklenburgh

Here are my top tips to save money, stay healthy and enjoy your travels!

1. Remember to check in online and print or download your boarding pass. I left it too late and got stung with £130 for them to print it off for me! 😡 If you download your boarding pass to your phone be sure you have full battery!

2. Mix & match outfits. Before you pack, try everything on which you're planning on taking and try to use the same shoe/bags for a couple of looks as this is usually what weighs the most! No one likes to be the person routing around their suitcase as the check in desk 🤦🏽‍♀ praying your granny pants won’t fall out the case! 🤣😅

3. Carry makeup wipes - Especially if it’s a long-hale flight. Take your makeup off when you take off and pack a small makeup bag in your hand luggage if you want to reapply before landing... especially if you are going out straight away! 💃🏻😏

4. Keep your skin hydrated. This is essential for me! Some of my fav products are:
- Bobbi Brown Skin Moisturising Mist
- Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream Spf15 
- Botanics Organic Lip Balm
- Zero Skin Gold Face Masks
- Zero Skin Apple and Green Tea Eye Masks

5. Drink, drink, drink! Hell yes to H2O! Drink lots of water! I know it’s annoying to need a wee on a plane as we all love the plane toilets 🙄 notttt! I also pop a couple of herbal tea bags in my bag as most airlines don’t stock them and it’s another great way of staying hydrated. ☕️

6. Pack your flip flops in your hand luggage. Remember to pack your flip flops or shoes which easily slide on and off as the plane toilets are not a place for your perfectly pedicured tootsies. 💅🏼

7. Pack your comfies. I try to avoid travelling in jeans, otherwise I'll pack some comfy joggers to change into to make sure I am comfy and not restricted when sitting down. AND I pack a nice cozy hoodie or cardigan, just so I don’t feel cold on the plane when they crank up the air con.

8. Buy a healthy meal/snack at the airport. It’s very easy to switch your brain to holiday mode at the airport and suddenly want all naughty foods or a pint/cocktail at 4:12am Am I right?? I usually get a meal and a snack/juice from Pret A Manger to take on the plane. Have your ever wondered why air hostesses/stewards are never eating plane food 🤷🏻‍♀🙅🏻‍♀😂

9. Bring a book/journal/ notepad 📝  I come up with some of my best ideas for Results with Lucy on an aeroplane, on a train or whilst travelling as its one of the only times I don’t have my phones or distractions.

10. Pack 1 days worth of clothes in your hand luggage. I’m actually not even that organised normally, believe me, but I know sooo many people that have been unfortunate enough for the airline to have lost there luggage. Hopefully this will never happen... but just to be on the safe side always pop a bikini, dress and some clean undies in your hand luggage.

11. Remember to bring your neck cushion. I’m that person that always forgets mine and ends up buying another every time I travel 🤦🏽‍♀ and they are the only way I can sleep comfortably.

12. Download a few films. Whether this is on your laptop/iPad to keep you/your kids/partner/friends entertained as there's nothing worse than having nothing to read/watch if you're delayed/bored!

13. The ultimate essential for long-haul. For long-hale flights don’t forget your socks, eyemask, earplugs and tooth brush and tooth paste!

I hope these you can save money, stay healthy and enjoy your travel with my top tips and travel essentials!

Safe travels ✈️


Lucy x

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Found & Fitness Guru

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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