... Let's Get Technical - The Answers To Our FAQ's!

June 12, 2019

Now that we have launched our brand new app, the possibilities of using your membership on your laptop, mobile phone, and smart TV are endless! 📱


Here are our most common technical, frequently asked questions answered 👇🏼


Q: I have have just signed up to a membership on the website, how can I now login to the app?

A: If you're already an existing member or have just signed up to Results with Lucy, you would have been sent an email containing your unique coupon code & the steps on how to donwload the app! If you haven't recieved your code yet, please email appsupport@resultswithlucy.com and the team will be able to help you.


Q: I have have just signed up to the app, how can I log into the website?

A: There is no need to - you have all the amazing features at the touch of a button on your phone! If you want to view the workouts on a bigger screen, see the questions & answers below on how you can mirror your phone to your TV! When signing up to the app, you will only have access to the app.


Q: How do I view the workouts through my smart TV?

A: If your TV is a Smart TV and has an internet browser then you're able to go onto the internet tab to access your account and your workouts, logging into the Results with Lucy website as usual.

Similarly, some of our members attach an HDMI cable to their phone or laptop to play their workouts through a bigger TV screen that way.


Q: How can I Chromecast my workouts to my TV?

A: Setting up your Chromecast is very easy to do. Click here to find out the step-by-step instructions from Google themselves!


Q: How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV?

A: There are a few ways you can mirror your iPhone to your smart TV. You can mirror using. Click the options below to find out more:

  • Apple TV
  • A lightning digital AV Adaptor - plugin your HDMI cable & your mobile device. Toggle the input settings on your TV until a secondary screen appears mirroring your phone.
  • AirPlay Mirroring


Q: How can I make the workout's fullscreen?

A: Each workout has a set of arrows in the left or right-hand bottom corner which you can click on to make your workout full screen.


Q: How can I cancel my membership on the website?

A: If you're an RwL Website Member, you can cancel your membership by logging into your account > Click Account on the menu bar > Click Billing > then Click Cancel and your membership will be cancelled.



Q: How can I cancel my membership/subscription on the app?

A: To cancel your app membership*, you need to log into your App Store Account/App > Click Manage Subscriptions > From here you will be able to cancel your subscription. *Deleting the app doesn't mean you've cancelled your subscription.


We hope these FAQ's would have helped answer any technical questions you have about using Results with Lucy. If you have any more questions which have not been answered, please email support@resultswithlucy.com and a member of the team will be able to help you 📲 x


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