Ignorance is your Health & Fitness Bliss!

November 25, 2019

When it comes to nutrition (I’m sure you’ll agree...?) EVERYBODY has an opinion:

“You need to completely cut out XYZ to lose weight”
“Only ABC type foods will make you healthy”,

Yet almost nobody sharing their insights these days seem to be qualified to do so, right?



Even your best friends might recommend, for example, that you go ‘low carb’ in order to lose weight, because they did it, their hairdresser did it, and they lost 10lb in 3 weeks. Sounds great right? But also on TV you’ve seen a piece of workout equipment which ‘guarantees’ to obliterate belly fat; then at the weekend there is a celebrity with a new shake being endorsed on Instagram?

There are SO many people saying do this, take this, here's what I did, but the reality is that results are either short lived, or they simply don’t work… worse still many well-known supplements on the market have been shown even in the scientific literature to contribute to serious negative health consequences in some cases… but you can still buy them?

The problem with the world of nutrition is that it’s unregulated. People don’t dish out advice on complicated clinical health problems, because you have to be a doctor to do that right? It’s a protected term and only doctors are allowed to offer their years of experience and advice. With nutrition ANYBODY can make a recommendation - of any kind - within reason!

So my advice to you is to follow a proper expert with a proper education on the topic of nutrition. RWL takes this super seriously, with a world class team of nutritional experts creating all the advice you see here!

When it comes to deciding the best nutritional route for you to follow, just make sure that the advice you receive is from one or two reputable sources...


and COMPLETELY IGNORE everyone else!


Your friends and family love you and absolutely have your best interests at heart, but they are not well educated nutritionists with an in depth knowledge on the topic. The author in that magazine, the celeb on Instagram, the friend of a friend who takes supplements and swears by them… again simply don’t have the knowledge to know if their strategy works for YOU or not.

Nutrition strategies need to be SAFE, EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE for weight management purposes, they also need to be personalized to you and your preferences. Keep that in mind next time someone offers you nutrition advice! It may not actually be the best recommendation for you at all…


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