How to Profit from your Potential!

June 20, 2019
Cecilia Harris

Most people aren’t failing because of their potential. They’re failing because their potential is spread in too many directions ↗↘↙↖

You will always want to attempt more than you can achieve...

Unfortunately pulling yourself in too many directions is the single quickest way to ensure failure, but by putting your all into a single direction is the quickest way to ensure success 🏆


Try these tips for maximizing your potential:


  1. 🎯 Aim higher - If your ambitions are small, they’re easily overpowered. Big goals are paradoxically more likely to stick because they’re worth ignoring smaller goals for.

  2. ✌🏽☝🏽 Limit to three - Keep up to three lists for different parts of your life – say ‘fitness’, ‘food and ‘weekend’. Each list only gets one objective. If you absolutely must have more, just know that each addition quarters the odds of that area succeeding.

  3. 🛑 Put it off - Anything which isn’t top priority now can be done optimally later. Mark Zuckerberg was smart to start Facebook first and then learn Chinese. Your goals are the same, you’re just usually too attached to them in the moment to notice.

  4. 💤 Beware your idle wants - Watch out for ‘other things that you also want’. They will feel comforting, harmless, and automatic. They are deadly. One new direction will quarter what you can accomplish.

  5. 🐝 Line up your bumblebees - You may not be able to create the next Google, cure cancer and land on Mars at the same time. But you might be able to simultaneously become, say, a successful and athletic CEO. Success and fitness can be complementary goals: a healthier person can be a better leader. They’re like two bumblebees, pushing in the same direction, and stronger for it.


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Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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