How to Overcome Your Time of the Month Tiredness

July 23, 2019
Gem Blight

Let's start off by saying that tiredness and low energy is completely normal. We all experience bouts of this throughout the month, to varying degrees dependent on the individual.

Now, for us women, it appears that most of us afford our low energy quite commonly with when it is our period. Having said that, is there a true correlation between feeling tired and our 'time of the month', or is it that we are more aware of our feelings of low energy during this particular time in our menstrual cycle?

Whatever the reasons for us feeling especially lacking in motivation during our period, you are not alone! You might even be experiencing Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) which is a chronic fatigue experienced directly before our period. Many can internalize this lack of energy as laziness, social withdrawal or even depression. It is so important to remember that it is okay to feel this way, it is only temporary and there are things you can do to help relieve yourself of the symptoms.

Here are our Monthly Mood-lifters to help you regain control over your energy levels...!


Monthly Mood Lifter 1 - Hydrate 💧

We all need to be drinking enough water during the month anyway to help us maintain a fully functioning and healthy body, however, hydration is of the most importance during our period. Keeping yourself hydrated during your period can help you to avoid common symptoms such as cramps.

During your period your hormones are particularly imbalanced and so this can cause excess water retention. This impacts your digestive system which can in turn cause bloating, constipation and unwanted gas so drinking lots of water can help you to keep your system flushed and that sluggish feeling at bay.


Monthly Mood Lifter 2 - Exercise 🏋‍♀

The age old self-fulfilling prophecy: the more we exercise, the more energized we feel!

The last thing you might feel like doing when you have cramps and a grey cloud of tiredness hanging over your head, is exercising however nobody ever regretted getting up and moving a little bit to help invite some energy into their life!

If you really don't feel like you can bash out a 30 minute sweat-fest to get those endorphins pumping, go for a brisk walk, do some yoga or head to your local swimming pool for a couple of lengths!

Exercising is one of the best things you can do to help bust the fatigue and encourage a prolonged sense of energy during your period.


Monthly Mood Lifter 3 - Self Care ❤

Don't ever feel guilty for feeling low or needing to take some time to just focus on you. You don't have to constantly be doing something and on the go. Run that bubble bath, read that book and take that early night. Sometimes all we need is a little time out to re-align and re-focus ourselves.


Monthly Mood Lifter 4 - Nutrition 🍽

Before you reach for the chocolate, cakes and junk food stop and think...

  • Is this going to make me feel better or worse?
  • Do I really want a sugar rush followed by a massive sugar crash?
  • Will I feel better for making a different choice of what I am going to eat?

Try making the effort to have 3 meals during your period to help keep your body fueled. Add lots of protein and veggies to your plate and keep your meals varied! It can be harder to try and stick to a regimented 'samey' meal plan during your period so allow yourself to be a bit more flexible when cooking meals.


Monthly Mood Lifter 5 - Practice Gratitude 🙏🏾

It is so hard to not get yourself into a mental funk when your energy and subsequently, your energy is low.

Try to consciously catch yourself when those negative thoughts are creeping in so that you can flip your internal voice to be more positive. And before you go to bed at night, write down 3 things that you are thankful for from your day.

This little change in how we mentally approach situations will help us to have a far more positive period!


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Gem Blight
Mindset & Motivational Blogger

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