How Much Can YOUR Body Change in Just 6 Weeks?!

June 06, 2019
Lucy Mecklenburgh

The body really is an amazing thing!  🙌🏼 If you're willing to put the time and effort into healthy eating and working out, then you really can achieve some amazing results in such a short space of time 👍🏼

The response of our Beach Body with Lucy 2019 program has been the best yet and the progress our #rwlfitties have made is simply amazing! 💁🏽

Check out these ladies sharing us their 6 week transformations using this year's Beach Body with Lucy programme...


@emma_rwl_fitness -  "I’m bloody proud of my 6 week photo before and after doing the Beach Body with Lucy 2019 programme! Upping my weights, having a good diet and following this plan has worked!"  👇🏼


@shellsblog -  "In 6 weeks I lost 4.2 lbs of fat but I have lost 19.5 inches all over my body and happy with the improvements I’m seeing, bring on Beach Body Round 2!!!" 👇🏼 


@rwl_lisa - "BB is complete and these are my final before and afters!
To say I’m chuffed is an understatement 😁"  👇🏼 - "I have thoroughly enjoyed this year's Beach Body with Lucy program! Overall, I do not have a massive visible physical change to show off. I have maintained my weight throughout this plan which is a huge achievement for me as I really do struggle to see weight-loss in a short space of time. Inch-wise, overall I have lost:

1 inch from my chest

0.5 inch from my arms

1 inch from my waist

1.5 inches from my stomach

2 inches from my hips

1.5 inches from my bottom

Overall inch loss = 7.5 inches which I am SO happy about! I am all about the long-term consistent progress! I have lost inches and gained a smile over the last 6 weeks! Thank you Results with Lucy x"  👇🏼


@rhi_lifestyle "Beachbody 2019 has been incredible! As a busy mum to 2 young boys I really struggle to find time to workout, but with the workouts being 30 minutes, its' easy to squeeze in around them. There's so much variation to the workouts that it keeps it fun, interesting and working out doesn't feel like a chore! I feel so much fitter, stronger and feel so much more confident ready for my honeymoon. I loved it so much I'm repeating it again with heavier weights!"  👇🏼


We are so proud of our #rwlfitties who have reached their goals, physically & mentally, not only by improving their strength but increasing their confidence too 🙏🏼


👉🏽 Want to join these ladies and start getting YOUR Beach Body Results with Lucy? Click here to start your free trial TODAY! 👈🏽

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Found & Fitness Guru

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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