Fitting Fitness Around Family: My Experience

July 24, 2019

Here, Results with Lucy Ambassador, Laura, tells us how she fell in love with exercise and looking after herself while bringing up her first child and being pregnant with her second!


I'm Laura and I am a busy mummy of two and just think that Results with Lucy fantastic 🎉

When I got pregnant the second time around, I promised myself that I wasn't going to go down the same path that I did with my first. During my first pregnancy, I ate whatever I wanted and once my beautiful daughter arrived, I flicked between eating a whole packet of biscuits for breakfast or being on restrictive diets that well... made me feel pretty hungry and depressed 😔

I struggled emotionally a lot with my first child. I had become so wrapped up in being a mummy that I totally forgot about me! In my head, the best way to become super mum was to put every ounce of effort I had into that little beautiful baby I had created, but what I learnt over time was that actually, I was not giving enough thought to myself and my mental health, which left me feeling really rather lost.

I joined Results with Lucy just before my daughter turned one and started doing 15 minutes a day while she napped 💤 It gave me some focus on myself again and the more I did, the more I began to get a little bit back for me. I ended up getting really into it which was a huge surprise for me as I was not the sort of person who thought exercise was enjoyable!

I did two plans and felt fantastic in myself: queue pregnancy number 2... 🤰🏻

I kept up the workouts and healthy eating through my second pregnancy (obviously I still ate plenty of cake too!). It felt great to be looking after myself and my body when it was working so hard to make me my boy bundle. I did what I could, when I could but also put no pressure on myself.

My son was born and I wanted to do all that I could to be mentally strong for my family and for me, exercise plays a huge part in this. I got the all clear from the doctor and made myself a little promise that I would always make myself a priority.

30 minutes to an hour would be dedicated to me 4 times a week! Sometimes it felt selfish or like I should be just focusing on the kids constantly, but the reality was that it gave me more energy; it took out my frustrations and made me happier so that I could be more equip to face the daily challenges mum life gave me.

Over the years, workout times have changed: early mornings with Ryan watching me in his bouncer and Lara drawing; midday during Ryan's nap time while Lara was at school (I really miss naptime!); to now, sometimes with the kids around, snacks and favourite movies at the ready, or sometimes on my own while they're at preschool and school ✏

Being a #fitmum is all about working out what works for you,choose the times that suit you best and just go with it. Work on consistency no matter how little or much that is.

Make time for yourself, you deserve it. Exercise and diet not only can help you feel comfortable in your new beautiful mummy body; it can help energize you after those sleepless night and, most importantly for me, help get you through the tough days and keep your mental health strong 💪🏼

Make yourself that promise that you too also deserve your care, self love isn't selfish, its needed!


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