Are you a Hincher?

October 21, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I am completely obsessed with Mrs Hinch, yes I can confirm I am a HINCHER! 🙌

This woman has given me back my love for cleaning but sometimes it is an obsession - I am not going to lie. The way I go around sniffing everything in my house and if it doesn’t smell like Zoflora then it’s getting sprayed!

I find myself looking for a Pound Stretcher or B&M excited to get to the cleaning aisle..

Pine Bleach – ✅

Zoflora – ✅

White Vinegar – ✅

Febreeze – ✅

Then it’s the rush home to use all my new products in hope my house smells like a glorious clean bundle of freshness. Mmmmmm ☺️  Sitting in front of my sink pouring baking soda and Zoflora down the drain and waiting for it to fizz up like I am at school recreating a science experiment. These are the things that Mrs Hinch has me doing! 😂 

I even brought myself lots of little spray bottles and filled them up with Zoflora so I could go around spraying everything in sight including curtains, carpets, sofa even when the husband is sitting there, depending on how much he has annoyed me he might get a spray too 😆. He might be choking after but that’s what life insurance is for!

In all seriousness, the main thing I most admire about Mrs Hinch is how she sets herself tasks/goals - whatever you want to call them - each day and gets them done. Setting yourself little personal goals can really be helpful in being productive depending on what kind of person you are. I am a lister, I love to list out all my jobs and get them ticked. Even if I have completed a job before I started my list I might just put it on there anyway so I can tick it off!

Using this for your everyday life can be useful what is it you want to achieve that day...

Workout - ✅

Make beds - ✅

Empty dishwasher - ✅

Keep my kids alive - ✅

Try not to kill my husband – negotiable

It’s your list so your rules.

In life you have to find a way of making life fit you. Some people might look like they have it all together worked out: baked cookies, done house work and look like a Victoria Secret model all before 9 in the morning - all I can say is that is not me and that’s okay.

I workout better at lunchtime and that works best for me; I do my house work better when I get home from work and that is what works best for me. Find your own routine, find what works for you - it is not a competition, no race here!

As women, we are all doing our best at balancing our crazy lives so we should support each other through the good and the bad: hold each other up, don’t tear each other down!

So Mrs Hinch, I salute you, thank you for being entertaining, beautiful and driven - you entertain me daily! 🙌

Lots of Love

Jane x


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