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May 11, 2018
Lucy Mecklenburgh

Results with Lucy is 5 years old and I'm so so proud. We've evolved from our humble beginnings of just 30 fitness videos, and 1 diet style, to one of the biggest, most diverse fitness video and recipe vaults in the world!

By listening to our #rwlfitties community along the way, we found out that issues like confidence and self esteem, were also important to address (for lots of us) on any journey of fitness and health which is why we built our With Self Love coaching courses.

Whether it's your look, your weight, your health or your overall happiness that you feel stuck on most, there is a way to start to move forward that can work for you.

Reality is, for most of us, most of our decisions come down to time and money. And usually we don't have enough of either, so it's important to choose wisely. So, DON'T rush into buying anything and be sure to check out what the programme you're looking at is actually giving you and identify whether it will be beneficial!

I thought it would be good to take a more balanced look at the world of exercise, health & fitness and give some good advice about what to look for when choosing a product/programme to follow!

To do this I've enlisted the help of some of my team of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset experts! My Personal Trainer and business partner Cecilia for all things fitness, Health and Nutrition related expert, Paul Mccambridge, my Nutritionist Louise Johnson and our Psychological Wellness expert, Jeff Spires.

We know through research that the more barriers we can break down that stop people exercising the better and whatever we can do to make people more active is great.

But... Imagine that there was a simple way to change people's lives from a less than healthy path to a more healthy one and that all you had to do was follow a model as set out in 3 letters?

What might those 3 letters be? Well here's a clue it's not DVD.



The BPS model of health care is fast becoming the most prevalent and widespread; a clear step up from the very one dimensional limitations of a DVD or a shake! 

BPS principle's state: that you need to address the body (bio) in conjunction with mind and mindset (psycho), simultaneously with a feeling of not being alone, of Community, of belonging (social), in order to get a successful long term outcome.
This is why the gym or a good class can work for some people as it's ticking 2 of the 3 boxes. Gyms are great for Bio (body) and (if you fit the clique) Social, but only if you have the money and the confidence to join in the first place. I've never been a big gym fan! 

I also believe that with the right effort and resources the BPS model can be made to work perfectly online, which is what I'm continuously creating at ResultswithLucy.com

These Social and Psychological elements in health and behaviour change are factors that a product such as an exercise DVD can never address. A DVD can only ever offer a snapshot of activity which in time will ultimately become repetitive, often boring and this lessens its effect and usability. 

A DVD can only ever offer a limited amount of material which is presumably aimed at a specific target audience. For example: a fitness beginner, should not be doing an advanced workout. A person who wants gain or maintain their weight shouldn't be doing a weight loss series etc. 

What tends to happen is that this massively important issue is "fudged" in order for a DVD to be marketed to the widest possible audience, which means that the plans have to be so generic that they're often totally ineffective. 

What about nutrition? 

Starting an exercise regime as a route to a sustained, healthy weightloss and weight management WITHOUT addressing nutrition, is like peeling a carrot and throwing away the middle. Yes you can still get a little nutritional benefit from eating the peel, but you'll be missing the best bit, and may also get some grit in your teeth! 

Nutritional information is so important! Not just in a weight loss journey, but also in terms of health improvement. For example, a exercise DVD may offer an eating plan, but it’ll only ever be one plan which simply may not be suitable or enjoyed by the buyer, in which case the chances of sticking with it will be tiny.  

How can you stay motivated? 

Unless we have the right motive for action then all of our success will be short-lived. 

If we want to create long-lasting and sustainable success then we need to go much deeper than a quick fixes. 

If we do not create new habits that will help us to achieve our goal and maintain success long-term effectively, then our initial excitement and enthusiasm will fade, our old habits will fire-up and we will be pulled back into the comfort and safety of our old patterns. 

It's for this reason that so many people start their fitness journey and give up after a few months. They start with the best intentions but end up right back where they started.

Finally, we need to learn how to manage our emotions. The journey towards success can be a long hard climb and with every other big goal that we set for ourselves, we are going to face a lot of mental challenges along the way. 

Our negative thoughts and emotions will start to override our enthusiasm, so it’s important that we learn how to manage our feelings so that we can stay on track throughout the entire journey.

 It's within these reasons that products such as fitness DVDs alone will not help you achieve the goals that most people set out to achieve! 

Getting into shape requires a holistic approach focusing on our nutrition, exercise, mindset and support. Although shakes and fitness DVDs may get us short-term results, for long-lasting sustainable change, we need to start looking at our lifestyle rather than our scales.



My advice to anyone looking to become more healthy is to take this matter really seriously. I'm not exaggerating to say "make it central to your life" but I can't think any other single decision that is more important. Getting the right help for you is crucial, as getting it wrong can set you back months, even years.

When I started Tweeting my PT sessions with Cecilia over 5 years ago, we discovered that there was a world of pain out there among my followers, with no obvious solution. They hated the gym, they didn't know what or how to eat well and they were sitting on the couch eating crisps and drinking fizzy, watching me work out 😂 So, we created a one stop solution for them and as they've improved their fitness we've created more levels to let them keep pushing themselves as far and as fast as they want to! If you're wanting a reliable and trustworthy programme to help you achieve your goals, then why not start our free trial today before making the commitment!


👉🏽 With 9 workout programmes, 1000+ variety workout videos, 600+ recipes (inc. vegan & vegetarian) and loads of diet styles, theres no reason why you can't get started! So... Click here to get started on my FREE TRIAL! 👈🏽 

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Found & Fitness Guru

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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    Thank you for creating the solution Lucy and Cecilia!

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