Why do some people seem to effortlessly lose weight more than others?

November 21, 2019

Have you ever said to yourself...

It's just not fair is it?

You drop the kids of at school and every day you have to see So and So.
You pick the kids up at the end of the day, and again you see bloody So and So!

No matter what she does she always seems to be getting more and more in shape. She only went on holiday last month and seemed to come back looking more toned than when she went?!

We then find ourselves falling into a spiral of self-questioning...
What are we doing wrong?!
I've been dieting for the last 12 years and have probably put more weight on if anything?!
It's GOT to be my hormones...
It's GOT to be So and So's genes or something...
It’s GOT to be an advantage she has that I don’t…


Now let me tell you more as to why...
I know you're frustrated right now, but what you DON'T see is:

  1. So and So is walking the kids to school every day and then walking them home every day.
    This = 10k steps per day minimum. 70,000 steps a week on average.
Do you drive to and from school?
  1. So and So does an online workout with the RWL team at least 3 times a week. This burns off 300-600 calories per session every week.
    This helps to create a calorie deficit.
You maybe don't exercise at all at present?
  1. So and so plays football with the kids at the park every Saturday and Sunday or takes the dogs a nice long hour walk every weekend.
    This helps burn off even more calories EVERY week without fail.
    Creating even more of an energy burn.
You go to visit parents, which as beautiful as that is, for the purpose of weight loss and body composition purposes only involves being sat still having a good chat and a catch up?
  1. So and so makes her lunch every day for work. This ensures the right quantity and quality of nutrition every day. Which helps her access all the protein, vitamins, minerals, carbs and fats she needs to win week in week out.
You regularly opt for convenience foods, which although tastes just as incredible, also has way more calories attached unfortunately!
  1. So and So getting a couple of extra walks in on her dinner breaks over the week, because she knows she has her sister's 50th coming up this weekend. This creates a calorie budget for her to spend on alcohol and buffet food.

You more often than not sit at your desk or in the local park on the rare opportunity it’s sunny outside on your dinner breaks, and have the cocktails and buffet as well at the weekend.

The point of this blog post... is not to say that what you are doing is WRONG in any way. Go visit your family of course! Celebrate your friends and families birthdays as the come up!  Not for one minute would we suggest taking that away from you.
But today, I want to help everybody understand that there are no magic answers! We need to ensure that no matter what happens in our work/personal/social lives, we need to stay active and keep our nutrition where it needs to be in reference to quality and quantities.

No hidden secrets! No strategies that So and So knows and you don't! No significant biological or genetic reasons why So and So stays in shape and others tend to struggle year-around.
It's purely what you chose to do with your time, how active you can be over the week, your lifestyle, and how you can get the quantity and quality of your nutrition where it needs to be at least 80% of the time on a consistent basis each week.
That's it!
Hopefully this helps you take a look at your own habits today and see where you can start generating some incredible results from here!


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