Why did your last diet fail? Find the PERFECT diet for you today!

January 10, 2019
Cecilia Harris

Why did your last diet fail?... It's because you didn't KISS enough 😱 Keep it Simple Sister 😘


The short answer as to why your last diet... & the one before etc... is that:

✅ You probably ate, drank and snacked too much; probably much of which was the wrong stuff.

So those are the reasons... but then you probably already knew that too. The bigger question we need to look at is why!

That’s the secret that we’re all looking for! Why did I eat too much? Why do I drink too much? Why do I snack too much? Why do I do that with lots of the wrong things?

Despite our best long term goals, we act unconsciously around food and drink too much and as soon as we let down our “shield of consciousness”, we are flooded by all the opportunities to consume convenient, tasty, immediately satisfying (yet unfortunately not nutritiously fulfilling) food and drink! 👎🏼 Much of which is priced cleverly just under our daily mealtime budgets. 🤑

Some of us have times in our lives when we “choose” to "act out" some disappointment or other issue by overconsumption! Binging on food or drink gives us a fleeting boost and an escape from something painful. But always leaves us feeling deflated in body body & mind. 😩

You know the cycle...

Eat/ Drink too much 😢 ➡️ Decide to eat /drink better 👍🏼➡️  Do better for a while 👍🏼 👍🏼➡️  Get distracted / forget my goals 😫 ➡️  Eat/Drink too much 😢 ➡️ Repeat 😳.

So that’s the Basics of why, so let's begin by looking at WHAT we can do using our KISS principles 😘

✅ FACT! The diet you are most likely to stick to is the one you "enjoy" the most!

Always look for a Diet/Diet Style where you enjoy the food and it fit's into your lifestyle.

When following a Calorific Deficit over the course of a day, week or month ALL diets can work in the short term. BUT we don't live in the short term forever!

Medium and long term realities catch up with us and without a Diet/Diet Style that works because we've come to enjoy it, and that fits in with our life, the inevitable happens and we "fail" 🙅🏻‍♀️.

Be adventurous and try something new, or find a diet that you can follow easily.

... And there you have it. We found out why your last diet failed and how to KISS 😘 goodbye to that unwarned f@ in the future.

At Results with Lucy we promote 10 different diets with over 600+ healthy, nutritiously balanced recipes.

If you get started on Results with Lucy today with our free trialyou can take our Eatwell Quiz to find YOUR perfect diet 🙏🏼 , have access to over 600+ recipes and 1000+ workout videos if you really want to speed up the weight loss! 💦


Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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