The mindset of portion control for weightloss

September 12, 2018
Lucy Mecklenburgh

There are people that seem to know themselves so well, that they appear to be able to judge, what they eat in each meal and each day to perfection. Without a set of scales or an app in sight. Let’s call that person Perfect Penny 😊

But for most of us, this is a goal that seems to always be just out of reach, so we struggle along getting it right occasionally and wrong quite often. The result of this can be disillusionment of the process and subsequently weight gain. The totally opposite outcome than the one we desired.

So why is it that Perfect Penny finds this easy, and the rest of us get it wrong so badly. Is there something we can we do to change this pattern?

The good news is that there’s quite a bit we can do, it’s not all easy and might well require some work and practice to change. But, this pattern of misjudging the amount we eat in each meal and each day is very likely at the very heart of your weight gain. So once you tackle this, you’ll start seeing light at the end of the tunnel🙏


Why do my good intentions go off track?


The first reason why you get your food intake wrong, is because of your hunter genes. We are programmed to binge. Eat it if it’s there as it might not be there tomorrow 😬 Trouble is it is “there” tomorrow!

We’re still learning lots of things about our genes, but they are for all 7 billion humans different. Who knows maybe Perfect Penny’s ancestors were less exposed to famine and therefore less in need of a massive binge.

Either way Genes are no more than a flicker in our past and you always have the power to override them in the present.


Empty calories:

You might want to look at the amount of empty calories you consume. Things like alcohol, syrups in coffee and soda that contain almost no nutrients but lots of calories.

For many of us, even the thought of “giving up” one or both of these things is just too overwhelming to contemplate but just because you might feel a little guilty, you cannot pretend these calories away.

Be realistic. How many drinks? How many days a week? = how many calories


Busy life? Stressed?

Just thinking back to Perfect Penny gliding through life like a calm swan and comparing that to me tripping and bumping my way through the world. Always late, always rushed and always multitasking! Is it any wonder we get a different result?

We make better decisions about food when we’re calm, focused and not distracted!


Food Marketing!

Whether it’s that clever catchy advert, the “little treats” by the checkout, or the smell of popcorn wafting through the air... YOU are being actively targeted every day to consume more.

So if that’s some of the why’s of getting this wrong.


So, what are the real actions we can take to change this?

Stay focused

Remember to stay focused on your original goal of weightloss and not your immediate goal of short term brain stimulation (pleasure) derived from the thing you’re about to munch, every time you reach for another bite.


De everything

De stress, de clutter, decrease, and de complicate!

In order to give yourself a chance to succeed, you need to create a protective bubble around yourself when you are around food. If you’re goal is weight loss, then you need to be at your calmest when making food choices.


Create time for you

If you’re a parent then I know it can be really tough, but try to create some space for this as it’s your health and happiness on the line and ultimately that effects everyone who relies on you. 👩‍👧‍👦❤️


Be a healthy marketing skeptic

Yes, I’m afraid that’s right. The only way to stand up to the constant barrage of profit and not health driven messages, is to start from a place of: “I don’t believe it!”

You can no longer rely on mainstream press or advertising material (or often Government sources) to get the best source of information.

For example:

Most packets now promote a healthy looking calorie number on the front. But unless you look deeper and flip over to the small print on the back, you find out that the healthy number refers to a quarter of a packet!

Or the TV advert that promotes its fat free credentials, praying that you’ll equate their product to fat loss, which I’m afraid just doesn’t correlate. Obviously this is just a few of the thousands of ways we are influenced to buy certain products, and if you want to win this battle then you’re going to need toughen up your defences.


What are the practical steps you can take?

Most of us are actually quite limited in the number of meals we prepare. Think about the things you’ve eaten more than 3 or 4 times in the last month. Write down these reoccurring meals and that’s the list you need to “own” the portion sizes of, to get you started on the path to success.

Take the time to look at the amounts in the recipe and double check that this recipe works with what else you’re eating that day.

Having bought the correct amount of raw ingredients for your specific meal, prepare it and put it in your hand ✋ or hands 🤲.

See what it looks like! Does it fill your whole hand, or is it spilling off the sides? Know it! Own it!


You can do this as an intensive way of learning in a week or take your time, but each time you get it right and eat that meal in the correct portion size, you’ll learn to appreciate the feeling of what’s enough for you! You can use this new found knowledge into future meals and become your own Perfect Penny 😊


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Lucy Mecklenburgh
Found & Fitness Guru

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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  • Tina September 17, 2019

    Portion control is my main downfall! I don’t know when to stop eating! This blog has been really helpful, thank you x

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