My top store-cupboard Vegetarian & Vegan staples

May 09, 2019

Here are my top store-cupboard staples, courtesy of Results with Lucy Ambassador, Laura and our Top 3 Vegan Recipes from our recipe bank for you to try, for free! 🌿


Laura’s (@laura_tomlinson_veganfit) Vegan Store Cupboard Essentials

When making sure you’re eating a well-balanced vegan diet, it’s helpful to keep these simple items to hand in your cupboard:

  • Ground Flax Seeds (to make vegan egg substitute) – 1 table spoon of ground flaxseeds mixed to 3 table spoons of water.
  • Nutritional Yeast - available at most supermarkets, this has a great protein content; is a source of b12 and adds a cheesy flavor when cooking. Use it as a topper to any meal to add extra flavour and nutritional content.
  • Vegan Multi-vitamins
  • Fortified Milk Alternatives – My personal favourite is Oatly Barista, but you can also use soya milk, almond or hazelnut milk or rice milk as alternatives to dairy milk
  • Protein Powder - adding protein from a high-quality protein shake can also be helpful to increase protein intake and give smoothies a little something extra (My personal favourites are the Purition vegan blends)


Our FREE 3 Top Vegan Recipes!

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