How to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

November 02, 2019
Shane Nugent

How many times have you heard someone say ‘We’ll be on it after the weekend!’, ‘Let’s get the weekend out of the way and reset from there!"
Maybe you’ve said this a million times and you’re looking for a way to have your cake AND eat it? How to get out and enjoy yourself at the weekend and NOT have to worry about it affecting your results?
Well today - you will have the solution.
The biggest problem is having a peak in your total food and/or drink intakes in the week. Let’s say that you have a meal with the family, or cocktails with your mates, whatever your ‘thing’ is.
We KNOW that both the quality of your nutrition and quantity is equally important in different ways, but for the purpose of weight loss only? We simply need to be consuming less than we are burning off each day!
So, with that in mind, let’s say you KNOW you’re going to go over at the weekend by like 1000 calories, literally all you’d have to do to buffer this is save 1000 calories somewhere else throughout the week!
So for example;
Save 100 calories per day Monday to Friday in your food and/or drink intakes (that’s a super easy tweak, around 1 slice of bread per day for context!). Let’s say you combine that be burning off just 100 calories on a 30 minute walk on your dinner break at work (that’s anywhere between 100-200 calories burned off).
You’re already there! The extra 1000 calories over the weekend have been taken care of completely with 2 simple tweaks during the week.
It’s also very important to aim for as much of your food as possible to come from nutrient-dense sources like fruit, veg, nuts seeds etc. as well. Don’t just think about quantity alone, as quality is super important from a whole host of reasons from helping you feel full, to your health too.
And there you have it!! Weekends need not be a ‘sod it’ moment ever again!!


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Shane Nugent
Nutrition Expert & Owner of SJN Nutrition

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