How to Meal Prep Like A Pro: 30 Day Get Lean Style!

May 03, 2019

The easiest way to maintain a healthy diet is... meal planning & prepping! 🍽


... and THIS is your key to success when following one of our most popular diet styles: 30 Day Get Lean! 🥦🥑🥒🥗


Not only will planning and preparing your meals help you to reach your goals and maintain your diet throughout the 30 days, there are sooo many extra added bonuses like:

  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Minimise waste
  • Preparing for busy days/weeks


Simply by taking an hour or so out at the start of each week to plan & prepare your meals will really help you to stay focused while following this diet style 😏


Not only will you be saving money and time, you decrease the chance of coming home after a long, tough day at work and heading to the shops for a convenience meal/treats which if done too often, will jeopardise your results and chance of a sustained healthy diet beyond the 30 days 👎🏼


Inside our Fitness, Food and Mindset membership, we have created a 10 PAGE MEAL PLANNING & PREP GUIDE (sign up to our free trail by clicking here to access it!) to give YOU the guidance you need if you're too busy to cook from scratch every single night, if you want to save money by bulk cooking and want to reduce the risk of you reaching for the unplanned takeaways.


But how to meal plan and prepare for 30 Day Get Lean, I hear you ask?! 👂🏽


Here are our pro prep tips for meal planning and preparation throughout 30 Day Get Lean...


Pro Prep Tip 1: Write down all of your meals for each week and a shopping list to match 📝 By doing this, you are able to organise your thoughts and your meals around what your schedule looks like. Have a busy day with no time to prepare lunch on the day? No worries, cook something the night before that will re-heat for the next day!


Pro Prep Tip 2: Cook up a whole chicken at the start of the week (in the slow cooker is simply the best!) or your favourite vegetarian and steam or roast a load of green veggies to split between Tupperware dishes for the whole week! Lunches sorted in no time!


Pro Prep Tip 3:  Plan your family meals to suit easy adjustments for the whole family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Are you having steak, eggs and asparagus for your evening meal? Simply add some home cooked chips for the rest of the family! Cook meals where it is easy to add in the extras so that you can still sit and eat with your loved ones, without having to cook 2 different meals.


Pro Prep Tip 4: Don't focus on the foods you can't have. Focus on the foods that you can! You are enhancing your nutrition for the next 30 days! Get creative in using different seasonings to help you plan exciting, scrummy meals to see you through!


Pro Prep Tip 5: Prepare some go-to snacks in case the hunger strikes (Psst... fill your plate with so much protein and green veggies that this shouldn't happen!). Prepare some of our Breakfast Egg Muffins to keep in the fridge to snack on, cucumber sticks or keep a bag of kale to make some kale crisps with if you are feeling the need to snack throughout the day...


🏅 Our 30 Day Get Lean Favourites:

Our most popular recipe yet... the Breakfast Egg Muffins 🤤! They're super easy & quick to make, plus they last in the fridge for up to 3 days 👍🏼 Click here for the free recipe! 👈🏽


How delicious does this look?! 😍 These Steak & Spinach egg cups are just... 👌🏼 Click here for the free recipe 👈🏽



Did somebody say PANCAKES? 🤤 These savoury Courgette Pancakes are one of our #rwlfitties favourites 👍🏼 Click here for the free recipe 👈🏽


Check out this minty number, Broccoli & Mint Soup! 👉🏽 Click here for the free recipe 👈🏽


This Courgetti with King Prawn dish only takes 15 minutes to cook & it's doesn't require many ingredients, so if you want to give it a go  👉🏽 Click here for the free recipe 👈🏽


As you can see we lots of filling 30 Day Get Lean diet recipes available, so just remember our key piece of information... Don't focus on the foods you can't have! Focus on the foods that you can! You are enhancing your nutrition for the next 30 days! Get creative in using different seasonings to help you plan exciting, scrummy meals to see you through! ... and planning is KEY!  😏


👙👉🏽 Want access to our 30 Day Get Lean diet style and hundreds more recipe ideas to go with it? Click here for a free trial today! 👈🏽☀️


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