How To Eat Healthy For Less with Results with Lucy

January 31, 2019

It is 100% possible to eat healthy for less whilst following Results With Lucy. If you put in the time and dedication you will see results and also save a lot of money; This is where meal planning is absolutely key. ✨ 


A great way to start is by investing in a meal planner and working out what meals you’ll be having that week according to your schedule. I use the Results With Lucy A4 Meal Planner 📆  - click to purchase!



To start with, I usually look at what I already have in my fridge/freezer/food cupboard and see what needs using up first before I go out, before buying anything else. Using the Eatwell section on the Results With Lucy website, I look for what recipes I fancy having throughout the week and then work out the total costings. 📲 


To work out the total costings, I go onto the supermarket's website and add everything I want to my basket to see how much it costs before I go out and buy it. If there is an ingredient that is too expensive, I will then substitute it for something cheaper. For example, my favourite Results With Lucy recipe, the Lamb and Spinach Curry. I substitute the lamb for beef because I can’t always afford lamb all the time unless it’s on offer or I get lucky in the reduced section. 💵 



The frozen aisle is currently my best friend. I love smoothies, soups, and one-pot dishes so buying frozen food saves me so much time and money. I find frozen food tends to have more nutrients than fresh because it is frozen as soon as it’s picked! 🍓 




Another way of saving money is buying the supermarkets own brand. I do buy branded items occasionally if they're on special offer but most of the time! 99% of the time you cannot tell the difference between a supermarket brand and another brand. Sometimes the supermarket brand is actually better & nicer! 😍 


Once I have calculated the costings and bought everything, I then bulk prep my meals to save time on cooking every day. This way my meals are already prepared and I am not tempted by any junk food or eating out. I then freeze any extra leftovers which I can then use at a later time in the week. 🙊


My example meal plan for a week & costings:  


12 eggs - £2

2 packets of wholemeal pitta - £1.10

Bag of spinach - £1



Bag of carrots - £2

2 pots of houmous - £2.40



Frozen Veg Mix 1kg - £2

Bolognese Mince 1.5kg - £3.66

3 x 400g cans chopped tomatoes - £0.84

2 bags of courgettes - £3.60



1.5kg Sweet potatoes - £2.00

2x bunched spring onions - £1.20

Cherry Tomatoes - £1.00

Avocados - £3.60

Pot of Creme Fraiche - £1.15



Bunch of bananas - £0.87


The average total for TWO people for 1 week of meals - £28.42


👉🏽 See, eating healthy doesn't mean expensive. To get the most out of your money, you need to plan & prep 🙏🏼 To get access to all of the Results with Lucy easy & cost-effective recipes, click here to get started for free today!  👈🏽



Becca (A Results with Lucy Ambassador) x


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