Do You NEED to Eat Breakfast?

July 03, 2019
Shane Nugent

How many times have you heard the statement ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ 🙄 Well today we are going to question exactly how true this statement actually is…


Breakfast is simply the first meal of the day. It literally means ‘Breaking the fast’ after generally having not eating overnight 💁‍♀ There are simply no rules around what time specifically we should be consuming breakfast, as technically even if you eat at 1pm for the first time that day, this could be classed as breakfast (although I agree this feels a bit weird!)!


For the purpose of weight loss over the course of a week we need to be consuming less energy than we are burning off 🔥 It really is that simple in principle. However, how you achieve this energy deficit is entirely up to you.


Some people go low carb or low fat for example. They reduce the carbs/fats and the calories saved basically assist with creating the calorie deficit needed for weight loss.


Some people keep it even simpler and skip breakfast each day. Let’s say you skip breakfast each day and this leads to you saving 500 cals per day in comparison to having breakfast 😲 This could potentially help you lose 1lb per week from this one tweak!



Although the principle makes perfect sense, the most important factor is how effective this will be for you as a strategy IN REALITY.


Will it make you too hungry to the point where you just want to over-indulge for the rest of the day? Therefore defeating the object of skipping breakfast? 🤷‍♀


Will you be able to function effectively during your lunch break workout? Will this strategy make you feel flat and low on energy to the point it negatively affects your workouts?


Will you be able to keep the quality and nutrient values of your meals SKY HIGH for the remainder of each day so you don’t miss out on any of those amazing little micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals?


SOME people will have absolutely no problem at all using this strategy. SOME people will be pulling their hair out most days using this strategy! 🤯


The most important factor when aiming to lose weight is how well will this strategy work for YOU in and around YOUR PERSONAL lifestyle, commitments and preferences.


No matter what route you decide to take, skipping breakfast is NOT bad/naughty or anything like that. It’s just a simple vehicle some use to decrease their energy intakes over the days and weeks, and can be a very effective strategy for weight loss for some people.


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Shane Nugent
Nutrition Expert & Owner of SJN Nutrition

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