Cecilia Talks: Calorie Deficit

October 14, 2019
Cecilia Harris

How to lose weight is the most discussed fitness goals throughout the year but especially in January and after specific periods of indulgence. Although it can depend from person to person the basic science behind losing weight is not quiet as complex as it seems. One of the key aspects to consider when your goal is to lose weight is your calorie deficit.

First thing you need to establish is your BMR which is your Basic Metabolic Rate this is essentially the amount of calories you need per day to maintain your current weight, not including the calories burned when exercising. If your goal is to lose weight you need to bring your total calorie intake to below your calculated number. In general, we need between 1500-2000 calories just to live, to function.
In order to create a calorie deficit, your surface weight aiming for a pound of fat loss a week which is generally achieved by consuming 500 less calories each day. Firstly don’t panic, 500 calories can seem like a lot but its not just the case of eating less. There are various ways you can work out this number, in particular exercise.

Exercise is a key player and more importantly allows us to eat more food whilst still maintain our calorie deficit. Above all the key point I would like to leave with you all is being mindful of what you eat.

Calories are not the only important factor in losing weight and it is vitally important that you eat a healthy balanced diet whilst working towards your calorie deficit. Many experts/nutritionists will tell you and encourage you to focus on what you eat rather than how much you’re taking in. Calorie counting can sometimes add to the stress of losing weight and as we know stress is not our friend when it comes to losing weight.

As always I would recommend a high quality diet including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, dairy, lean meats since you’ll generally find yourself full before you consume too much of these foods. More than anything sends signals to your brain to stop eating before you go too far.


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Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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