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March 15, 2019

Meet Vikki, one of our Results with Lucy Ambassadors 💕





I am one of those girls that literally has to look at a cake and I put 3lb on! I have always struggled with my weight, ever since I can remember. I would get myself to a stage where I would be so unhappy, I would think of something I could do to lose weight and get all motivated, I would lose about 7lb and feel happy but as I was still big, and I also never did exercise so it wouldn’t make much of a difference visually and therefor I found it hard to carry on. I would have a treat as id been so good and then I’d get the taste for unhealthy food again so a treat meal would turn in to a treat weekend and before I knew it id put the weight back on and more. It was a vicious circle like this for me for years! I was forever up and down trying new diet plans and not sticking with anything for long enough to see results.


I wanted to lose weight so badly but I also wanted the cake and the pizza, I had absolutely no control and I would always be the one piling seconds on to my plate, I had an attitude of ‘well I have had that now so I might as well have that, and that’ 🤷‍♀


I was so unhappy with my weight but could never seem to do anything about it, the thought of exercise bored me and I would eat unhealthy food as that’s all I fancied and enjoyed.


The back end of 2016 my ex broke up with me leaving me an anxious mess. It was a very controlling relationship and because I felt I was worth nothing without him, which is how he had made me feel, I took the break up very badly leading to a two stone weight loss. I didn’t care about the weight at first but about 8/9 months after the break up when I was starting to get over it, I realised how good I felt being slimmer.


I soon got back to my unhealthy ways though as the weight I had lost wasn’t in a healthy way and the weight soon piled back on again, by the end of 2017 I was back up to the weight I was at the start and it made me so disappointed with myself. This was because I still hadn’t gained control, The weight loss was only influenced by anxiety and heartbreak and I was right back where I started 💔


At the end of 2017, I made a promise to myself – next year I am going to get  that weight off again but in the right way….and for good this time.


I joined Results with Lucy and did my first new beginnings work out on the 2nd January 2017 – I logged the workout in my journal, I logged the food I ate, I found using the recommended meal plan from the new beginnings program really handy and it kept me more accountable.


I carried on smashing the workouts and logging everything, I was working out in the evenings at this time and I would have to force myself sometimes but because I was logging my journey on Instagram it motivated me and I didn’t miss any of the workouts I planned for myself. I would chat to the other rwlfitties & ambassadors and ask questions, ask for help etc and they were all so supportive, I soon realised I was in the most amazing, supportive community and I was really enjoying it!


I finished New Beginnings and I was so happy with my results I wanted to carry on, I then joined on the monthly plan and went on to do Beach Body with Lucy. It became a normal part of my routine and by this time I had tried getting up early to work out and realised that was more for me. By the summer I had lost 2 stone (In a much healthier way than before) and numerous inches from around my body, a couple of months after that I had dropped 2 dress sizes and I was over the moon 🌛



I have learned such a lot and get so much motivation from Cecillia who I just find truly inspiring. I am now fully in control of what I eat, I still have a take away when I fancy it, I have fish & chips when I go to the beach, I have a wine or a gin on the weekend and I don’t deprive myself at all. But then I get back to my healthy eating and never, ever miss a work out 🏋‍♀


Results with Lucy is the only thing that has worked for me and completely changed my mindset, it’s because of the support network but also the variations of workouts which are actually enjoyable and the delicious food! Who knew there was healthy versions of curries, pizza and nachos which are so easy to do and absolutely delicious!? I now fill my body full of healthy nutritious food, I have upped my protein which keeps me full in-between meals and I am bossing life! I learn so much from watching Cecilia’s Instagram stories and I truly believe I have learned from the best 🙌🏽


I am the fittest I have ever been and I am 34 years old! I am also the most confident and the happiest. Results with Lucy is part of my life now and I will forever be grateful I found it and joined 🙏🏽



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Vikki x


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