The Hurricane Hormones

December 20, 2017

So once you find out your expecting, you get that positive feeling and you are on a buzz, you want to shout it from the rooftops and take a trip to mothercare asap. It's all making sense now why you have been more tired, more emotional and missed that "time of the month" but it's fine because your pregnant and this is an amazing feeling and your on cloud 9. Then BAM around week 6-7 they hit you... the good pregnancy hormones come flooding in and you now can't wear your best balcony bra because you feel like your boobs are bleeding. The thought of your eggs and Avocado makes you want to run a mile, but you couldn't anyway because you feel like you haven't slept in about three weeks. You most probably have acne and started crying at a tv advert you have already seen countless of times. Of course you still feel so over the moon but these hormones are hard to deal with and can be completely over whelming.

In my experience being on my 2nd pregnancy the hormones are no doubtable stronger in the first trimester. I was more unpredictable then the English weather. Okay I still have days now being in the 2nd trimester believe me! I can just look at my partner or someone close to me and they instantly no NOT to say the wrong thing, well anything in that matter.

We as women are amazing creatures producing these hormones to create a life but a lot of people (especially men can I add) underestimate how much of an impact these pregnancy hormones have on our bodies and minds. Here is a list of the main the hormones and the part they play to making us women feel like an emotional whirl wind. 

HCG - a love hate relationship with this hormone. This is that wonderful hormone which creates a possitive on your home pregnancy test and gets its good friends oestrogen and progesterone firing up to create our gorgeous humans. This is also the hormone that makes us feel as sick as a dog and go off all our favourite smells and tastes. It doubles every 2 days for two weeks. That's a lot to deal with, good news it settles after 12-16 weeks. 

Progesterone - a PRO of a pregnancy hormone this is the most important hormone which you have in Pregnancy this helps our body accept different DNA to ours (baby) and stops our body from rejecting the pregnancy. 

Oestrogen - this is the hormones to thank for the double dds you may have developed! It helps create babies organs and helps regulate the other hormones. It also has a huge part to play in creating the placenta which keeps our bundles of joys nourished. 

These are creating HUGE changes in our bodies including 

  • Mood swings
  • Nausea and headaches (more like migraines)
  • Skin changes
  • Weight gain
  • Needing to use a toilet every 5 minutes Exhaustion
  • Vagina discharge
  • Cramping and constipation


This is hard graft for us women it feels impossible to do normal daily tasks. Some days you can feel overwhelmed ,depressed and too exhausted to even speak, then other days you have butterfly's from being so excited and you can't wipe that smile off your face but one thing I can promise you, it's so worth it. You instantly forget how you felt during pregnancy when baby is here. Then you will probably be mad enough to try and do it again before you know it! 

Hannah X

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