Is there a specific time of the day to exercise to get best results?

Is there a specific time of the day to exercise to get best results?

By: Cecilia Harris
December 21, 2017

This is actually a reasonably good question which has been researched more at an elite level. If you have time, click here to read a paper that looks deeper into this topic.

For Cardio training, there is nothing definitive but for strength training, it gets really confusing and there are loads of papers on this topic.  There are certain specific hormonal peaks during a day where theoretically you have more drive and potential to get more training effect. These are usually late morning and late afternoon. This gets really complicated however because if you were to regularly train in the evenings then the body being as magic as it is, starts to adapt hormonally to this time.  So, to quote the paper; "Therefore, adaptations to training are greater at the time of day at which training is regularly performed than at other times".

At an elite level I'd maybe look into this a bit more. So, if I was training an athlete who had their competition at 8pm, it makes sense I regularly train them at 8pm, their body will adapt to maximize training effect and performance at this time. For you ladies who are training to simply get fit, the biggest factor for getting you to exercise is understanding that it’s all about adherence. The best advice seems to be to find a regular time of the day you can stick too, and train then regardless of when it is.  Train when you can, and if you can keep a regular time then all the better.  This will help both with adherence and maximize training effect.  As always, it's person specific.

At Results with Lucy we are devoted into our exercise. But don’t be alarmed when exercise is mentioned. You’re probably thinking how hard it’s going to be and automatically think “naa, can’t be bothered”. Exercise can be hard if you wish to push yourself but it should be seen more as just MOVING. Even just playing around moves your body and that counts as exercise.



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Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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