Life after Beach Body with Lucy 2019…!

June 11, 2019
Cecilia Harris

Completed this year’s Beach Body with Lucy and unsure what to do next? Let us help you make up your mind… 🤔


Option 1 ☝🏽

If you loved it so much the first time… why not complete it again but with heavier weights?! 🏋‍♀



Building your resistance through repeating workouts and gradually increasing the weights you use is so helpful if you want to keep pushing your body to be stronger and leaner. When it comes to the cardio aspects of the program; up your speed or repetitions of each exercise during the allocated time to further feel the burn!


Option 2 ✌🏽

Enjoy getting your sweat on in just 30 minutes? Why not head over to our bank of live workouts and work your way through them all! This will keep your weekly workouts varied and target lots of different areas of your body, as well as introduce you to many different forms of exercise! 🧘‍♀




Option 3 ☝🏽✌🏽

Are you ready to HIIT Harder?! Our advanced 12-week structured program is waiting for you if you want to further challenge yourself and take your training to the next level! Join Lucy, Cecilia and Paul as they put you through your paces as you progress through the next 12 weeks! 💦



If none of the above three options take your fancy, simply just do you own thaaaang! We have over 1000 workouts available on the website, so why not mix and match some videos from the workout bank or create your own playlist using the brand-new Results with Lucy App! 📲


Our most popular seasonal workout plan is LIVE on the website for your summer workout enjoyment as a Fitness, Food and Mindset member 🤩

Consisting of:

👙 6 week structured, progressive plan

🐚 4 workouts per week - 3 with our trainers and 1 of your choice from our LIVE workout bank

🏋‍♀ Workouts including: Kettlebells, Dumbbells & Workout Mat

☀ Follow the nutrition plan which is best for YOU


Don't forget to use the hashtags #beachbodywithlucy #beachbodyforeverybody on your socials so that we can follow your Beach Body with Lucy 2019 journey! 💛


👉🏽 Not yet a part of the #rwlfitties community? Click here to join us for free today and start getting your Results with Lucy... 👈🏽

Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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