"I was told I wouldn't be able to lift a kettle, let alone a kettlebell!" 💪🏼

May 22, 2018

My name is Bek and I have been with Results with Lucy since June 2017. I am a 28-year-old Director with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome & Hypermobility along studying for my accountancy diploma. Safe to say time is very limited for me!  

Last year I was at an all-time low after 12 years of tests and hospital visits I was finally diagnosed. You would think I should be happy about that, however, the outcome was risky surgery which could leave me paralyzed from the neck down or worse. Either way the surgery can never rectify what has already been damaged just potentially stop more. My surgeon advised against it and offered to give me even more medication, as I was already taking several for the pain & hypermobility and to then just deal with it and eventually lose the use in my arm.

I am a pretty stubborn/strong willed person and this just didn’t sit well with me. So, I began to look for ways I could build myself back up; mentally & physically.

I tried gyms and classes, but no-one seemed to grasp that I couldn’t always keep up and so this made my mental health worse, as I felt like the runt of the pack. I then turned to powered diets & shakes! These just weren’t sustainable or healthy in any way. I felt like giving up, then one evening whilst flicking through Instagram, I came across Results with Lucy.  So, I instantly signed up!

I started off with small, 5-10 minute low impact workouts as I was told by many that I would never be able to do impact sports, high intensity work or even drive a manual car (I now do all those things). I gradually started to build confidence. 

I then went on to starting and completing New Beginnings, then Wobble to Model and to my amazement HIIT Harder! I have never felt so proud & my partner Dale could see huge changes in me, both physically and mentally!!

After years of no successes and crappy outcomes – I felt strong and confident. This is all down to the incredible plans and nutrition RWL provide but not only that, I wasn’t alone anymore the support and motivation you receive from the incredible #rwlfitties is just exceptional.  They inspire me every day to keep pushing!

 Along come Beach Body with Lucy and Dale wanted to support me, so he agreed to do the nutritional side with me. It makes such a difference when you have someone supporting you throughout the process! The Beach Body 30 day get lean diet consists of protein and green vegetables only for the first 14 days, then a cheat day and then the next 14 days are protein and coloured vegetables then a cheat day.  We had never done Beach Body before, so we didn’t know what to expect but as you can see the results are amazing!


(I lost = 21.5 inches in 30 days!)

We meal prepped every night for the next day’s breakfast and lunch and cooked tea each night. Dale struggled on the first day, as he was used to eating 2 sandwiches, crisps, sneaky McD’s, etc. He also thought Steak wasn’t the best choice for the first day, but he soon fell into the swing of it and began to enjoy it. “Getting to eat meat (Protein) for every meal is the dream” he also went on to say “How quickly you see the changes gives you an ultimate boost & as Cecilia say abs are made in the kitchen” which made me giggle! He must have picked up on me saying that along the way!


(Dale lost = 19.5 inches in 30 days!) 

Being a Director and studying, I have very little time but once I have briefed my staff and sent them on their way, I quickly change the office into my personal workout space.


Here is now my total weight loss progress with RwL:


The best thing about Results with Lucy is you can quite literally workout anywhere. It’s my me time & once I’ve finished Im ready to take on the day and conquer all the tasks ahead of me. It’s so good for my mental health and strength, don’t get me wrong some days are hard but the beauty is no-one judges, in fact they just inspire me to never give up


Results with Lucy have helped me more than they will ever know. I cannot recommend them enough, I promise you won’t regret signing up!

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@selfloveofagirlboss xx


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  • Gem September 17, 2019

    So so proud of my lovely friend Bek who I have met through the wonderful RwL community! xx

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