How to workout in under 5 minutes 💦

July 19, 2018
Lucy Mecklenburgh

"I've have no time in my day to workout" or "I'm always too busy"... which one are you? The truth is... you've got the time! 🙅🏽‍♀️

There is always time to fit in some kind of workout somehow in your day whether it be a 30 minute walk, 20 minute HIIT session, 10 minute abs workout or 5 minutes of squats! Any movement is better then no movement. 🔥

We all live busy lives which is why inside of our Video Bank (if you're signed up to RwL) you're able to filter the length of your workouts!... pretty handy I know 💁🏽‍♀️


Waiting for the kids bath to run, the dinner to cook or for love island to come to? However long you have free to workout, we have definitely got something for you!


How can I do a good workout in 5 minutes do you say? Check out one of our under 5 minute workout videos below! 💦


This one is all about the cardio & legs... enjoy! 🔥



Whether your kids are napping, you're waiting for the oven to pre-heat for dinner or you're on your lunch break 🍽 we have sooo many different workout videos available on Results with Lucy for you to try with limited time!

You don't need to be doing an hour workout every single day of the week to feel better, or see results. By simply increasing your movement for 5 minutes you've already made the first step, so get moving!


Want to try out Results with Lucy but not sure if it's for you? We know if will be, but why not get started today with our FREE TRIAL to see for yourself! You've got nothing to lose! 👏🏼


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Lucy Mecklenburgh
Found & Fitness Guru

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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  • Jasmine September 17, 2019

    This workout is KILLER! My legs are on fire!

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