How To Make The Most of Your RwL Membership This Summer!

May 07, 2019

Have you signed up to Results with Lucy recently, and not sure really where to begin? Don't worry as we're here to give you the best guidance on how to get the most out of your membership this Summer! 💁🏽‍♀️ 



If you haven't already heard... this year's Beach Body with Lucy program is LIVE and more popular than ever!

But how do you get the most out of following this plan, I hear you say?


📲 This year's Beach Body plan is only available inside our Fitness, Food & Mindset membership and will include:

👙 A 6 week structured, progressive plan

🐚 4 workouts per week - 3 with our trainers and 1 of your choice from our LIVE workout bank, or you can attend any live workout of the week

🏋 Equipment included in the workouts: Kettlebells, Dumbbells & Workout Mat

🍽 Follow the nutrition plan which is best for YOU


Not only do we have our most popular seasonal plan available, we also offer workout programs designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels we also cater for students, brides-to-be, ladies over 40 and expectant/new mothers! 👶🏽 


New Beginnings - This 12 week program is perfect for beginners who are new to exercise, or looking to get back into into fitness! ✅


Wobble to Model - This is our 12 week intermediate program designed to help you lose weight and really tighten your body. 💁🏽‍♀️


HIIT Harder - Our advanced plan HIIT Harder has been designed to help you achieve a leaner stronger looking body and increase your fitness levels in just 12 weeks. 💦


Extreme - Our toughest, most challenging plan YET! Recommended for advanced+ fitness levels only! 😵


UNiFIT - We know how difficult it can be to fit in workouts around lectures, seminars, assignments and deadlines, especially in student accommodation which is why we created this 6 week program to help you feel great on those nights out. 🎓


Wedding Series - For all of you blushing brides to be out there who want to lose weight and tone before the big day. 👰🏽


Fitness Ladies - Who says fitness has to stop when you're 40? Not us! With either a beginner or intermediate Fitness Ladies program, you're sure going to increase your fitness levels and tone up! 🔥 


Results with Bump Pre Natal - For all of you mummys-to-be out there who want to be fit and healthy on your journey to motherhood, we have designed a safe pre-natal workout program starting from week 13 of your pregnancy right up until 38 weeks. 🤰🏼


Results with Bump Post Natal - This program is perfect for anyone who has been given the OK by their doctor to begin working out again, post natal, to help guide them back into fitness.  👶🏽 


No matter what your circumstance, age or physical fitness level, we have something for each and every one of you so make sure you're making the most out of the different programs we have to offer! 💪🏼


Not only do we have 8 structured workout program for those who need structure to their workouts, we ALSO have 1000+ videos in our VIDEO BANK where you can mix up your workouts depending on time, equipment, trainer, intensity and focus!




Only have 15 minutes to fit in a workout? No problem! If you're on Fitness/Fitness & Food you will have access to over 500 workouts in our VIDEO BANK which you can filter down into time (0-5, 5-10, 10-15 and so on). ⏰ 



Only got a pair of dumbbells available? In the VIDEO BANK You can filter workouts which only contain dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine ball, resistance band, skipping rope or sliders. No equipment? No problem as we have a filter for that too! 🙅🏽‍♀️ 


 Legs aching too much from yesterdays booty session? Filter the workouts in the video bank to focus on a different body part, why not just focus on your arms today?! 💪🏼 



If you're only just new to the idea of working out, then we suggest you filter the workouts in the VIDEO BANK to a beginner level to help ease you into it! No matter what your fitness level, we have hundred of workouts available for you to try! 💦 


Do you love Lisa's ab workouts, Liz's cardio sessions and Paul's HIIT training? The more you enjoy the workout and trainer, the more likely you'll stick to it so find someone/something you love. 💛 



Taking care of your nutrition is just as important as your workouts, if not more which is why our in-house nutritionalists have developed THE best variety in recipes and diet styles you could think off, all to help sustain a healthy lifestyle and diet. 🍴



Calorie counting may not be everyone's cuppa tea, so if you wish to calorie count you can, but if you don't want to then theres no pressure to do so! You can work out your recommend daily calorie intake based on your goals by heading over to the EatWell tab within your dashboard. 📝 



You name it, we've most probably go it... and no they're not just all salads it's real food! Spicy stuffed sweet potatoes, burrito bowls, avocado fries, curries, pancakes and chocolate iced cups - yum! 😍 



Allergic to nuts? Dairy free? Gluten free? We've made it so much easier for you to filter through the recipes which are suitable for YOU, rather than having to scroll down through hundreds of recipes not suitable for your needs. Save yourself time and FILTER! ❌


Only got 15-20 minutes to cook something, or only cooking for 1 this evening? With the click of a button on our filter section, you can see the different recipes which are suited to the time you have available! 💁🏽‍♀️


There's no point in looking at dinner recipes when its breakfast time so again, we have narrowed down these filters so it's super easy and quick for you to find a yummy breakfast recipe to fuel your day. 🍓



When we updated our new site in January 2018 we introduced 7 new diet styles into our EatWell with Lucy section of the website to ensure that there was a diet style which all of our users could follow no matter what requirements. We now have a diet style & recipes for 🍽:

- Vegan

- Vegetarian

- 40/30/30

- Intermittent Fasting

- Mediterranean

- Pescatarian

- 30 Day Get Lean


Not sure what you should be eating on a specific diet style, or interested in seeing what we have to offer? Click on the Meal Plans tab under the EatWell section when you log into your account, click on your preferred diet style and you will be shown an example meal plan. 👍🏼


We also offer our Results with Lucy Community Support page on Facebook which is accessible to all of our active members. The details as to how you can join us inside the group is available in your welcome email once you sign up!


👉🏽 So... stop what you're doing and click here now to get started on your free trial as EVERYBODY is talking about our new Beach Body with Lucy program PLUS the 1000s of additional workouts available inside your Fitness Food and Mindset membership 😱👈🏽


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