How to get a booty WITHOUT squats! 🍑

May 30, 2018
Cecilia Harris
Even though the squat is a good exercise for your 🍑, you need to mix things up a little, which is why I am giving you 6 moves you can do to still get you your juicy booty WITHOUT squatting!

1. Forward Leaning Lunge

Want to focus on the booty? Try taking your standing lunge and lean forward to feel the booty burn 🔥

Why not challenge yourself a little bit more by adding weights? Don't worry... you will NOT get bulky from picking up weights!

2. Glute Bridge

Down and SQUEEZE!

3. Hip Thrusts

Get those hips thrusting! 😏


4. Side Plank Clam

It may look like a funny move 🙈, but be sure to really squeeze your glutes! 🔥


5. Single Leg Deadlifts

This move is so good for your booty, hamstring and balance!

6. Donkey Kicks 

Again, you can do this move in two ways! 

 1. Without a weight

2. With a weight (You have to really SQUEEZE to make sure the weight stays in place!)


There are SO many moves out there, but these are just a few of my favourites! It goes to show that there are loads of other moves you can do to sculpt the booty of your dreams! 🍑 🍑🍑

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 Cecilia x
Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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  • Lucy September 17, 2019

    Thanks for the tips Cecilia!

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