#foreverfitafterforty: The Changing Shape of Forty-Something

January 24, 2019
Cecilia Harris

Meet Results with Lucy’s Head PT, Cecilia and one of our RwL Ambassadors, Christine:








Both of these power-houses 💪🏡 are proving to our community of #rwlfitties that fitness is not something that is solely suitable for women below a certain age. It is for ALL women, no matter how young or old you are! 💃🏽

Cecilia says: I am thoroughly enjoying my 40’s, but it wasn’t always this way! When I was turning 40, I totally panicked at first and became fearful of getting old. Scared of getting wrinkles, grey hair and losing my muscle definition 👵🏽

I realise now that reaching this age is a beautiful middle ground. You are old enough to be taken seriously, but young enough to be forgiven for still making mistakes. I am more relaxed in my skin, comfortable in my wisdom than ever was in my 20’s or 30’s. I have learned that being perfectly imperfect, is perfect. I have come to terms with who I am and have accepted my flaws, wrinkles, stretch marks and all ☯

I am in the best shape of my life and I am loving everything that my health is offering me!

Studies show that after 3 or 4 weeks of inactivity your muscles will start to atrophy in your 40’s and your body will start to revert to using carbs, rather than fat, for fuel. This sets the wheels of insulin resistance in motion. If you fall out of shape, you will feel older faster this is why exercise is so useful as it not only extends your life but also adds quality to those extra years!








Christine says: In 2016 my husband (to be then!) introduced me to Cecilia and ultimately Results with Lucy.  At this time, we were planning our wedding due the next year and I decided to give Results with Lucy a try.  Obviously being able to work out at home, at a time convenient to my busy routine was a huge plus.  I signed up in the October of 2016, took my measurements and I was off! I committed to a structured RwL program: Fitness Ladies and made an effort to improve my diet using recipes recommended on the site.

Almost immediately I started to see the results 🙌🏽👀 I eventually progressed to HIIT Harder which really pushed me to my limits and in 8 weeks I had lost 10lbs and 14.5inches!

I am more motivated than I have ever been as the workouts are hard work with fantastic results but also good fun 🤸‍♀

My main journey to fitness and a healthier lifestyle commenced in my 40’s although I have always tried to keep fit. I do believe that keeping fit and healthy makes us appear and act younger than we are. Eating healthy is not just about dieting it’s about good nutrition and as we get older our body needs different nutrients to keep us in good health 🥑🥦

Exercising really does make us feel more alert and gives us more energy and it also helps to relieve stress if you’re having a stressful day.  I personally feel much more lethargic if I don’t exercise for a few days 💤

Results with Lucy is perfect for me as I can work out wherever I am and a time that suits me. There are plenty of programmes to choose from, from beginners to the super fit, with hundreds of workout videos to choose from with a time limit that’s right for you. The RwL Recipe Bank is also amazing with hundreds of delicious recipes to try and enjoy 🍽

The support and encouragement from this community of people is amazing and even with my busy schedule the results have been fantastic – what are you waiting for!!



Cecilia & Christine’s Top Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in your 40’s

Tip 1: You need to create a “calorific expenditure deficit”. This simply means your body over periods of time will have to “burn” off more calories than it takes in.

Tip 2: High intensity exercise. “the fat burning zone” Aim to train this way at least 2 times per week. This will help your body utilise fat as the preferred energy source.

Tip 3: The leaner muscles mass, the easier is to remain lean and utilise fat as an energy source. Therefore, training with resistance (either weights or body weight) another 2 times per week

Tip 4: Stretch and de-stress is SO important and part of your routine for weight loss. Practice yoga 1 time a week.

You probably already knew or heard that when you turn 40 it is harder to lose weight and body fat and IT IS TRUE. We have to work harder and eat better, but once you know this and accept it, we promise it will become easier 💫

It is possible and achievable for all of us, no matter what your starting point may be. We chose this path because we didn’t want to get into our 60’s and 70’s needing the assistance of others to do anything. We chose this path to add quality to our lives as we get older. We hope you chose it too 🤞🏽


👉🏽 Results with Lucy’s over 40s programme called Fitness Ladies is available inside our Fitness Food & Mindset membership! You can sign up today on our FREE TRIAL. Go on, give yourself the gift of youth in your forties! 👈🏽

Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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