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March 04, 2019

Hi Dolls, I’m Jo and I am one of the Results with Lucy Ambassadors and I run the Instagram account Dollyrockinfitness 📲


We all lead busy lives and sometimes the hardest thing about getting started with introducing fitness into your already busy schedule is finding the time! However, I’m glad to say it is possible if you are willing to flex around your lifestyle and find a routine that works for you! 📆

I’m a very busy working mum with two children under 6 and I also run my own beauty and lifestyle blog 💄 However, I have learnt over the years that working out was a lifestyle change that I need to make. I needed to put my own self-care, self-worth and self-love higher on my list of priorities as I spend so much time supporting others that I wasn’t investing any time in my own wellbeing. I work in the voluntary and community sector with the most multiple and complex needs supporting in areas such as homelessness, addiction and mental health so it is crucial to my own metal health that I find the time to let go of the stresses of work and focus on myself.

About 4 years ago, I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I decided I needed to counter balance the symptoms I was experiencing that medication just couldn’t help with.  So I discovered Results with Lucy and my incredible journey began! Switching up both my nutrition and fitness has helped me no end and although the decision was my own to make a change, Results with Lucy has been a massive part of my journey of recovery of self-worth, managing my anxiety and really seeing some amazing results in myself both mentally and physically 💪

I like to flex and stretch my workouts in every sense of the word, I’m up from 6:30 in the morning with my children. It’s always full on and so much to do in the morning that an early morning workout just isn’t viable for me as family takes priority of course and running the gauntlet of the school run each morning!
I do however get 1.5 days off a week and on those days I do try to do a workout or a run but I really don’t put pressure on myself to do so as there is always so much to fit into a day. So, my saving grace is my evenings, my me time, some time where I am accountable for nobody for myself (once the children are asleep) where I get to choose for me, and not make constant decisions and choices for others.

For me Results with Lucy workouts can start anytime from 8:00 – 9:30pm! That may sound crazy for some, but for me it’s a really productive time of day where I get my second wind, where I feel more free to invest in myself without any parental guilt, without disruption and it’s an amazing feeling! Here lies the beauty of Results with Lucy, pick it up and go whenever you want, any time on any day, and at just the click of a button you are good to go, to get those endorphins rushing 💕

Fancy something slower in the evening…no problem, go for a yoga or Pilates workout, only got 20 minutes to spare? No problem, visit the video bank where you will find literally hundreds of shorter workout videos to choose from. I personally love  HIIT or BoxRcise to get out any stresses and pressures from the day and end my day on a high! I actually feel proud that whilst I have spent the whole day caring and supporting others; I end it with caring for my own mental and physical health and if I can do this, record and help to inspire other to get up and get moving either in that moment or the next day then that’s all the better!

So dolls, plan to succeed not plan to fail, keep positive about how wildly capable you are, life may be busy but there is still time to make time if you are willing to make a lifestyle change and put yourself higher on your list of priorities, as once you do that, everything will feel more balanced ⚖

So whether you’re a morning gal, a daytime fitness #RWLfittie or an evening owl like me, it really doesn’t matter; you do whatever it takes to achieve your goals as the only person that can create your success and achieve results is you!

👉 Think you’re ready to give it a whirl? Then why not click here to try it FREE and see the amazing variety the Results with Lucy has to offer! 👈

🍀 Good Luck Dolls! xo


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