Which Exercises to Do to Get a Full Cardio Workout at Home?

June 14, 2019

Ready to begin your fitness journey? If so, you can start with some good cardio workouts at home. Not everyone likes going to the gym every day. If you are the same way, working out at home will not only be convenient, but it will also help you save money. The best part is that a home cardio workout plan does not require fancy equipment or a lot of space. You can choose from a wide range of cardiovascular exercises that will help you burn calories, lose weight and tone muscles. Here's a beginner cardio workout routine at home that you can follow with ease:

Jumping rope for easy cardio workouts at home

From kids to professional athletes, jumping rope appeals to people of all ages, strength and stamina. It is an excellent cardio exercise that helps you burn approximately 220 calories in a matter of 20 minutes! This activity requires no special ability or skill. All you have to do is turn the rope with handles while simultaneously jumping over it. Jump ropes are easily available and inexpensive. You can also carry it around when travelling. When you have the time and space, jumping rope can provide you with a quick cardio workout at home.  

Jogging in place for a short cardio workout at home

Stationary jogging is one of the best cardio workouts you can do at home. It is simple and accessible. It increases your heart rate and gets you prepared for a more intense workout. Jogging in a place can seem boring, but it is a high impact workout that is taxing to the joints. To practice this exercise, you would need a high-quality and durable pair of jogging shoes.

Jumping jacks for a quick cardio workout

When it comes to activities for easy cardio workouts at home, experts always mention jumping jacks. Much like jumping rope, this activity does not require any special skill or equipment. All you have to do is jump repeatedly while keeping your feet wide apart and arms overhead. In exchange, you can burn around 100 calories in just 10 minutes! It is a high impact exercise, which may put pressure on your joints. It may even tire you out, but it is totally worth it! It is also one of the best cardio workouts for weight loss at home.

Burpees a full cardio workout at home

If you want a more intense cardio workout at home, try burpees! To do this exercise, you need to squat on the floor, then jump to your feet in a plank position, then jump back to a squatting position and then stand up. It is a strenuous exercise that can burn around 100 calories or more in 10 minutes. A fair warning — burpees are hard and beginners may struggle with it at first. However, if you keep trying, you would be rewarded with the benefits of an effective cardio workout at home.

Squat jumps for intense cardio

Want to practice some extreme cardio workout at home? Try squat jumps! It is a high intensity and high impact exercise that gets your heart rate up, burns calories and adds power to your legs. You do not need a special skill to practice this exercise. You need to start with a squat position, then jump as high as possible and then land back into a squat position.

These 5 exercises are excellent additions to your morning cardio workout at home. You start with a small 10 or 20 minute workout, but you must increase the time and intensity of the exercises as you go forward.

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