#beachbodyforeverybody: Week 6 Our Journey

June 14, 2019

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Want to know the results you can gain from following this year’s Beach Body with Lucy program? We have tasked some of our ambassadors with finding out and documenting their whole journeys for us! Read on to find out more about how we promote a #beachbodyforeverybody …



Hi! I’m Jayme




… and I’m Gem



We have taken on the challenge of documenting part or all of our 6 week Beach Body with Lucy 2019 journeys with you all! Here’s our Week 4 thoughts…


The Workouts 💦

Jayme says:

The final week didn’t exactly go to plan for me. I didn’t complete 4 workouts because I didn’t feel in the right space mentally. This isn’t how my final week of Beach Body with Lucy was supposed to go, but that is ok. Sometimes listening to your brain is more important. However I will say I did feel much better after completing the 3 workouts I managed to do. Beach body has been SUCH a great plan, and annoyingly I didn’t do before measurements or before photos so couldn’t tell you if I’ve lost at all, but what I can tell you is that it challenged and improved my fitness, which I am grateful for. The plan now is to do it all over again!


 Gem says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year's Beach Body with Lucy program! Overall, I do not have a massive visible physical change to show off. I have maintained my weight throughout this plan which is a huge achievement for me as I really do struggle to see weight-loss in a short space of time. Inch-wise, overall I have lost:

1 inch from my chest

0.5 inch from my arms

1 inch from my waist

1.5 inches from my stomach

2 inches from my hips

1.5 inches from my bottom

Overall inch loss = 7.5 inches which I am SO happy about! I am all about the long-term consistent progress! I have lost inches and gained a smile over the last 6 weeks! Thank you Results with Lucy x




The Nutrition 🍴

Jayme says:

Nutrition wise, it was very much the same as last week... in other words, definite room for improvement! But this is something I plan to work on more next time around. I’m excited to see what happens when I REALLY push and challenge myself!



Gem says: 

I can't say that I have been 100% perfect with my nutrition over the last 6 weeks, but I have been so much better than I have been previously and feel like I have really got back into a routine and found my love for cooking and fueling my body in the right way, again.

I will be adopting a more rounded 80/20 approach to my nutrition now that I have completed this year's Beach Body with Lucy program.

I am still in two minds with what to do next...? Go back and do it all over again using heavier weights OR do a different plan, like UNiFIT as this is one of my favourite RwL plans! 🤔



We just can't believe where the last 6 weeks has gone! We are SO proud of our RwL fitties and love seeing your amazing results! 👉🏽 Click here 👈🏽 to see some of our #rwlfitties 6 week transformations!

Check out our blog all about Life After Beach Body with Lucy 2019 to discover what you can do next...


Thank you for following our journeys over the last 6 weeks!


Jayme x                                 Gem x

@the_healthy_scoffer           @actively_under.active


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