#beachbodyforeverybody : Week 5 Our Journey

June 05, 2019

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Want to know the results you can gain from following this year’s Beach Body with Lucy program? We have tasked some of our ambassadors with finding out and documenting their whole journeys for us! Read on to find out more about how we promote a #beachbodyforeverybody …



Hi! I’m Jayme




… and I’m Gem



We have taken on the challenge of documenting part or all of our 6 week Beach Body with Lucy 2019 journeys with you all! Here’s our Week 4 thoughts…


The Workouts 💦

Jayme says:

Week 5 was definitely a step up in terms of how difficult some of the exercises were. I absolutely loved Robyn’s Beach Body with Lucy workout from this week, it has probably been my favourite of all the workouts so far on this plan. I did struggle with C’s workout a bit as some moves were far too strenuous on my wrists (due to carpal tunnel...and my weight!), but I did what I could and felt good for trying my best. As usual, Alex’s workout was an absolute beast...I mean who does burpees as part of a warm up?! Crazy! But again, it’s such a good feeling of accomplishment when you complete it.


 Gem says:

Imagine the look of horror on my face when I accidentally clicked on Alex's Bonus Beach Body with Lucy workout video instead of the Week 5 workout with Alex?! After 6 minutes of pure sweating torture to then jump into another 26 minutes of burpees for WARM UP (who even does that?!!). I well and truly worked up a sweat!

This week's Beach Body with Lucy has certainly bumped up the intensity - pray for me as we go into Week 6 and our final countdown!

I have also been out with my dad this week and took Results with Lucy outdoors to complete some of my favourite workout moves with him!


The Nutrition 🍴

Jayme says:

Nutrition wise, I haven’t been too bad, but I haven’t been great. A majority of my three staple meals have been 30 Day Get Lean friendly, but as I have been on annual leave this week I have also had some indulgent lunches out.

For me, when I try to complete the 30 day get lean plan I find that as soon as a restrict myself from things is when I want them the most. So what I have been trying to do is use the same kind of principles for a majority of my meals, but allow myself that sneaky bit of chocolate when I fancy it.

Nutrition is definitely something that I need to work on as I do realise I use food to comfort my every emotion, but I’m hoping once I’ve got the basics back on track I’ll restart beach body and maybe attempt the 30 Day Get Lean plan again. Watch this space...

Chocolate Delight Brekky Pots

Thai Green Curry


Gem says: 

I have largely been using 30 Day Get Lean principles this week and feel so much better for it! It's not been perfect but I have really felt the benefits of cutting back the amount of food I have been consuming and being really mindful of what I have been fueling myself with and when.

One thing I am so proud of myself for, is my new found love of trying new foods and actively choosing to eat them as part of my day to day diet.

Spinach is definitely one of them for me and I loved this breakfast of sausages, spinach, eggs and mushrooms this week!


Bring on the final week!


Jayme x                                 Gem x

@the_healthy_scoffer           @actively_under.active


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