#beachbodyforeverybody : Week 3 Our Journey

May 17, 2019

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Want to know the results you can gain from following this year’s Beach Body with Lucy program? We have tasked some of our ambassadors with finding out and documenting their whole journeys for us! Read on to find out more about how we promote a #beachbodyforeverybody …


Hi! I’m Bek




… and I’m Gem


We have taken on the challenge of documenting part or all of our 6 week Beach Body with Lucy 2019 journeys with you all! Here’s our Week 3 thoughts…


The Workouts 💦

Bek says:

I have been LOVING this year's Beach Body with Lucy, I have just completed week 3 and I have to say it’s been my fave weeks yet!!

I really enjoyed the kettlebell squats with Robyn working on that booty.
The Ab workout with C was a lower impact one but man could you feel it burning using the dumbbells!

I love that the workouts with Alex are shorter which worked perfectly for my day of meetings on Thursday but do not mistake shorter for easier… it was the sweatiest workout of the week!

For the fourth workout I chose to do the live HIIT with Alex, which was a killer, does anyone else love that burning feeling? The one where you just know have really pushed yourself! The best part about the LIVES are that they are in the evening, so I got to get my hubby to be involved too! Dale is really loving this years Beach Body with Lucy!


Gem says:

Week 3 was one for the DOMS 🔥 (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - that achy feeling after a solid workout)! WOW! I am aching all over but in such a great way! I just love the fact that I am constantly reminded of how hard I have pushed myself this week by the dull ache I get when I stand up, sit down or pick my little baby up! DOMS in your arms is a good excuse not to have to wake up to do night feeds, right?! 😉👶🏼🍼✨ Week 3 - you win!



The Nutrition 🍴

Bek says:

I knew I had a super busy week this week so I batch cooked RwL Oaty Muffins for breakfast - they are so easy to make and super tasty! I then made different Results with Lucy meals for the evening and I always over-cook for lunches the next day.

My Lunch Prep for the week:

Seabass Tray Bake 👉🏽 FREE RECIPE 👈🏽

Courgetti & Garlic Prawns 👉🏽 FREE RECIPE 👈🏽


Gem says: 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Results wuth Lucy meals so much this week that I haven't taken any photographs of them! 📷❌ I am however, feeling a bit bleurgh and not quite like I am making the progress I want to be, half way into Beach Body with Lucy 2019. I therefore shall be finishing the second half of my Beach Body with Lucy journey by following the 30 Day Get Lean diet style! 🥦🥒 The first time I did this, I saw great results and so I am looking forward to taking you all along for the journey with me

So here are my top 3 recipes from this week:


Easy Peasy Lentil Curry 👉🏽 FREE RECIPE 👈🏽

No Fuss Shepherd's Pie 👉🏽 FREE RECIPE 👈🏽

Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom Pie 👉🏽 FREE RECIPE 👈🏽


Here's to Week 4!

Bek x                                 Gem x

@selfloveofagirlboss        @actively_under.active


👉🏽 Want to join Gem and Bek in following our 2019 Beach Body with Lucy program? Simply click here to get free access today! 👈🏽


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