#beachbodyforeverybody Week 1: Our Journey

May 03, 2019

Want to know the results you can gain from following this year’s Beach Body with Lucy program? We have tasked 2 of our ambassadors with finding out and documenting their whole journeys for us! Read on to find out more about how we promote a #beachbodyforeverybody …



Hi! I’m Sarah


… and I’m Gem


We have taken on the challenge of documenting our 6 week Beach Body with Lucy 2019 journeys with you all!

Check out Sarah’s starting photos 😍




… and here are Gem’s 😍



Both of us have very different lifestyles, starting points at these 6 weeks and abilities when it comes to our levels of fitness. But this is the beauty of Results with Lucy! It is accessible to all women no matter your level of fitness, starting point, ability or goal. RwL really does cater for those wanting to lose weight, gain weight, maintain, tone or just generally invite some positive well-being into their life!


The Workouts 💦

Sarah says:

This week was the launch of the AMAZING Beach Body with Lucy programme! I have just finished Week 1 I am loving it! I like the fact that there is a live class of my own choice as well to mix it up each week.

Week one is done and dusted and I absolutely LOVED it! I have to say I loved all 4 of the workouts but Alex’s was my favourite this week as I love a good weight-based circuit! I am feeling so positive! My whole body is aching (but that’s secretly the best feeling)!  I even did the extra bonus workout with Alex; it is only a short extra workout but oh my word it killed me!



Gem says:

My favourite workout has to be Legs Bums and Tums from Week 1 Beach Body with Lucy! I just love using a kettlebell in my workouts and really felt the burn during and after this session! 30 minutes might not seem long, but as long as you push yourself hard then you will get so much out the workout!


The Nutrition 🍴

Sarah says:

I find that the 80/20 approach that Results with Lucy advocates is the lifestyle for me. This week I decided to try a few new recipes!

My favourite recipe this week was the Honey Chicken that I had with vegetables and rice, I had not had this before and it was so yummy, I will definitely be having this again!



For an easy breakfast I did the Very Berry Smoothie which was beautiful!



Gem says:


I have thoroughly enjoyed stretching the 80/20 approach to my nutrition to its limit this week however I know that if I want to see BIG changes over the following 5 weeks, I need to pay more attention to my nutrition. I have loved creating lots of home-cooked delights this week and will continue to enjoy lots of scrummy Results with Lucy favourites during Week 2!


We are both looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

Sarah x                                 Gem x

@sarahhinitt_rwl           @actively_under.active


👉🏽 Want to join Gem and Sarah in following our 2019 Beach Body with Lucy program? Simply click here to get free access today! 👈🏽


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