Beach Body with Lucy 2019 is HERE!

April 26, 2019



This year, our summer Beach Body For Everybody campaigners hit the blissful beaches of beautiful Portugal, off the picturesque coast of Porto De Mos, Lagos ⛱ 

Our Results With Lucy Power Couple Cecilia Harris and Lucy Mecklenburgh invited a few of our inspiring Results With Lucy community to come along and join them in the sunshine! It is because of your beautiful bodies; no matter what shape or size, we want to help you and others be and feel their best self!

We are so often told what we should and shouldn’t look like, scrolling through photo-shopped, unrealistic photos 📷❌ Such images often are telling us how we are to 'feel and present ourselves to the world'.

We want you to say goodbye to the unrealistic goals of perfectionism dictated to us by the mainstream media and say Hey! Hey! to a happy, healthy, highly valued, best version of yourself. Let us help you achieve this by comfortably supporting your overall health, wellness and fitness 🙌🏽

Inside our Fitness, Food & Mindset membership: Results With Lucy's Beach Body with Lucy program is a stunning 6 week structured workout plan crammed full of fun fitness! It's sole aim is to prepare you to feel your absolute best while strutting in that swimwear on the sand 👙


Beach Body with Lucy 2019 consists of weekly 4 workout videos with our favourite fitness trainers:

  • Head PT Cecilia Harris – Cecilia will be sculpting your abs, working your full body and just generally being your pocket PT and Motivation Mentor! 🏋‍♀
  • Booty-ful Robyn – Our legs, bums and tums trainer Robyn will help you to boost that booty, prepare those pins and attack your abs! 🍑
  • Alex Attack! – Say Hello to our new kid on the block, Alex! She’s going to make you sweat, she’s gonna shape that sillouhette and you’re going to surpass your limits with her Full Body HIIT based workouts! 💦

Get stuck in with the above structured videos and then add in your forth workouts of choice from our LIVE workouts bank. If you don't fancy an RwL LIVE, then be sure to follow your favourite videos from our huge 1000+ workout bank selection.

Within your Fitness, Food & Mindset membership, our EatWell with Lucy feature can help you to find the most suitable diet style for you 🍴


Remember, the best diet for you, is the one you know you can stick to!


Our current quick start diet style, (that actually works!) is our 30 Day Get Lean! 30 Day Get Lean provides you with a healthy balanced protein and greens based diet, to induce that all important calorie deficit to lessen fat and lean up in an efficient and safe way. 👉🏽CLICK HERE to see last year's 30-day get lean results 👈🏽

Our With Self Love 💕 feature is also available to get you feeling completely confident, no matter what! Yummy Mummy’s be ready to show off that fabulous figure that brought a life into this world, incredible! Young guns, feel great and let loose on holiday with no cares in the world and hard-working women, get that skin sun-kissed and relax with a cocktail, you deserve it. Maybe you feel like you could use an extra boost or you're struggling to keep up with our PT Powerhouses? With Self Love’s Motivation guide is the key to unlocking that potential to push yourself further, not just to keep you going in fitness, but motivate you to tackle everyday life, head on, with high self-esteem and positivity!

Everybody has got a body, everybody has got a bikini. No matter what shape or size, you ARE beach body ready! Join us for Beach Body with Lucy 2019, inside your Fitness, Food and Mindset membership and get releasing those happy hormone endorphins. Try some fresh new recipes and check up on Number 1 to ensure that you are caring for your mental well-being.

👉🏽 Let’s get summer ready and find your own #beachbodyforeverybody !
Click here to get started with your free trial and join our inspiring community of #RWLfitties today! 👈🏽


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