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April 24, 2018
Cecilia Harris

We all have Abs you know! It’s just that for most of us they’re not visible🙈

They’re hidden away under our layers of “protection”. Our clothes, our body fat and then another layer just under the skin, called sub-cutaneous fat!! And almost no amount of crunches* will shift that little lot!

That’s why I say that abs are built in your workout space, but made visible in the kitchen!!

The sliders which we have introduced into this years Beach Body with Lucy have definitely helped to transform my body, in addition to following the 30 Day Get Lean diet style!


6 Practical Tips to a 6 Pack This Summer 👙

1) Get within Striking Distance - The first thing to know about creating a six pack is that you need to be within striking distance of your goal weight before you can start to focus on your abs. So what do I mean by being in striking distance of your goal weight? For most people this would mean being within 8 to 10 pounds of that target. For me that meant that I was eight stone 10 before I even started to even think about getting really lean. 

2) Accept yourself as you are first -  So the next step is to take a long hard and honest look at the task in hand. Yes that’s right, it’s time to strip off find that full-length mirror, stand in front and stare for at least a minute and probably longer. Only by accepting ourselves as we are today, can we start to achieve change in who we are tomorrow. 

3) Make a plan - Create a timetable (it’s important that this is realistic if you’re not within striking distance of your goal weight already. The first part of your plan is your start date. Make that a non-negotiable item! And don't stay too lean too longSo before we move on to becoming ultra lean, there’s a little word of warning to be inserted here. Our bodies are designed to be able to function in a lean state. However this state of leanness can be stressful on our bodies if maintained for too long periods. Which is why we encourage you to plan a timetable which works backwards from the time that you want to look at your very best. And when that’s over, take a break and be happy carrying those few extra pounds, safe in the knowledge that you can turn that 6 pack plan back on again when the time is right! In the time between follow a longer term healthy eating lifestyle change approach. 

4) So what was the Plan?  We introduced our 30 Day Get Lean diet to RwL back in January as a kickstart plan for those who get inspiration from seeing quick results! But whilst the diet in its rawest form it works perfectly well although it lacked certain refinements and we felt it could be improved for this summer. So I became the inaugural test pilot, working with our in-house nutritionalists, to work through these final refinements and created the BeachBody Get Lean diet style in the process. The diet uses high protein, low carb and ketosis principles together with the essential of any fat loss programme; a Calorie Deficit. There's not "a crunch in sight btw! The beauty of abs is that they are central to many whole body movements and the programme we have developed uses sliders to recruit as many of those muscles as possible. While keeping workouts fun, energetic and in flow.                      

5) Less is more and more is less, more or less - Wtf does that mean Cecilia, I hear you say. It's really important that you don't get hung up too much on the numbers. It's fine to update, amend or perfect your plan but don't let yourself get too obsessive! When the diet starts to work, don't start chasing more weight loss by eating less calories. But don't start cheating either! I was never hungry while on this diet because the high protein content gives a better feeling of satiety (being full up). If you're doing the fitness as well, take your rest days, the body needs rest too. 

6) Your body will change but so will your bodily functions😖 - When you change what goes in to your body, this has a corresponding effect on what comes out!😱 💩💦 How much and how often you go to the loo will change. It's therefore crucial that you stay hydrated, which will help to keep changes to a minimum. I used coffee, herbal teas and good old tap water. 

To sum up.

  • If you want to change your body shape and composition in time for this summer. Now, is the time to act!
  • Make a plan and a timetable. 
  • Be prepared. Both mentally and practically. Give yourself time to find the foods you are going to need. Most everything can be bought from most Supermarkets, but some items can be harder to find (such as darker skinned fruits which come in towards the latter stage of the diet) in some places. 
  • Even if you're not quite ready to do a full on fitness programme at this time, increasing your movement is the first step! Get walking, and get moving. 
  • Whatever your body shape this or any summer, don't hide it away. You are a reflection of your journey so far and no woman should ever be shamed for or ashamed of her body💪

Be confident, be proud and above all, love yourself ♥️

👉🏽Get started on your summer 6 Pack today! Start your free trial today👈🏽

Cecilia Harris
Founder & Head PT

Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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