5 Ways to beat the Monday Morning Blues

5 Ways to beat the Monday Morning Blues

By: Lucy Mecklenburgh
April 09, 2018

Ever get that Friday feeling and wish it could last forever? By trying out some of our clever ideas, you could certainly get one step closer. After all, Friday’s just another day in the week, so let’s see if we can make it Monday’s best friend, instead of its rival.

1. Make Mondays sociable 👯‍♀️  Fridays are full of fun and exciting things to look forward to, so why should Mondays be any different? As well as boosting your mood on Sunday, scheduling social activities for Mondays presents a whole host of other benefits, too.

2. Go super-healthy and spend all Monday feeling content 🍴 about being so good to your body. The options for Monday lunching are limitless and will certainly make the afternoon easier to get through. Click here to access 600+ recipes!

3. Forget about making Mondays the first day of that new diet 🤔, or the day you tackle all those outstanding things on your ‘to do’ list you’ve had for ages. If you want to tackle something big, do it on another day instead. Set the start of your week free and it’ll help banish those Monday morning blues.

If you’re looking into how to plan your life or developing a life plan, be honest with yourself and admit it’s going to take more than just a Monday to make it all happen. With the pressure gone, you’ll have more clarity and focus to enjoy your day.

4. If you’re given an hour for lunch, take time for yourself! 🧘🏼‍♀️ Banish the Monday blues by taking a full 60 minutes. Even if you only get 30, it’s worth taking them all, so it feels like a proper break. Go for a stroll, head to a library, or wander round a few shops you’ve never ventured into before. You could even try an art gallery, or get creative and design your own art – it’s good for the mind and great for relaxation. Mondays are full of marvels when you know where to look.

5. Try a fun workout to boost your happy hormones 💪🏼  Give our HIIT workout a go here...you won't regret it. Want to boost your happy hormones whenever you want, click here to get started for free

Monday's set us up for the rest of the week so make sure you banish those Monday blues now!

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