👍🏼 5 steps to weight loss success🏅

May 22, 2018
Lucy Mecklenburgh
We're not huge fans of the typical 5 "easy" or "simple" tips, as by their nature and the nature of your busy or stressful life, things worth having just aren't normally that easy or simple to make part of your routine! 🙅🏽‍♀️
This is why we have come up with 5 steps which will get you in the right space to succeed! 👇🏼

⭐ Find a plan! You will need a plan that's suited and suitable to you. Sounds simple, but so many ladies will get this wrong and take on something that is not aimed at their level or taste.

⭐ Stick to it. There is no one or "best" type or frequency of exercise which is why the best type of exercise for you, is one that which you will stick with.

⭐ Sleep is key. Getting good quality sleep of around 8 hours, is the gold standard. Making the most of what your life allows you, is all the choice many of us get. But diminish the importance of sleep at your peril! It is an important and key component of any weight loss plan.

⭐ Balance. Balancing of energy is crucial, right! Well a calorie is just a tiny guesstimate of energy, and our whole ability to control or manage our weight, revolves around guesstimating the number of calories we are using each day! We then balancing that amount, with what we take in so make maybe start looking at your intake.

⭐ Keep it Simple. If you follow the 4 points above and stick with it through everything life throws at you, you will succeed. As you move along your journey, you may well add some layers of complication. But the principles will always remain the same.

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    Lucy Mecklenburgh
    Found & Fitness Guru

    Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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      Simple tips to remember!

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