10 Ways to Sneak in Exercise into YOUR Daily Routine with Results with Lucy

March 04, 2019
Lucy Mecklenburgh

When it comes to health and fitness, every choice you make determines how quickly you are going to attain the results you are wanting to see. Whether that be weight-gain; improve fitness levels; lose or maintain weight or, simply just live a healthier lifestyle with no specific goals in mind 🎯

A lot of the questions we receive at Results with Lucy HQ are surrounding how to fit exercise into busy lifestyles. As well as thousands of workouts available on our workout bank that you can filter to your time preference (want to get sweaty in just 10 minutes? Try Liz’s Cardio Blaster by clicking here!); here are some other ways to sneak some exercise into your day…


1. Sweat Before You Soak! 💦

    As you wait for your bubble bath to fill up, take advantage of the time and grab your towel! Relax your muscles after a long day and stretch yourself out with this Beginners Towel Cooldown from our Workout Bank


    2. Walk and Talk 🗣

      Is it about time that you had a long over-due catch-up with your friend? Rather than meet for coffee or lunch; plan a walk at a local beauty spot to soak in the sunshine and fresh air while you put the world to rights.


      3. Flatten Your Tummy While You Flatten Your Clothes! 👕

        It is all to easy to start introducing poor posture when performing everyday tasks, such as the ironing! Next time you are stood at the ironing board, check in with how you are positioning yourself. Is the ironing board at the correct height for you? Are you standing straight? Now, pull your belly button towards your spine and engage that core while you get the ironing done for the day!


        4. Do the Soap-Squat 🍑

          During the advertisement break in your favourite soap opera or television program, squat your way through until it comes back on again! Our 100 Squat Challenge is the perfect ad-break workout!


          5. Stairway to Heaven 🌈

            If given the option… always take the stairs!


            6. Park and Stride 🚶‍♀

              Next time you go to your local supermarket, try parking a little bit further away than you normally would. Want to save yourself some money in the carpark in town? Find a nearby road with on-street parking and walk instead! That car parking fee you have saved can be used towards a little treat for yourself while you’re shopping!


              7. Bus Stop Babe 🚌

                Get off your bus one stop early and walk the remainder of the journey. Reducing your carbon footprint using public transport, while you increase your exercise footsteps by taking the stop before!


                8. Toothbrush Toner 😁

                  Dentists generally advice brushing your teeth for 2 - 3 minutes minimum, twice per day. Splitting your brushing into 4 different parts of your mouth (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right); hold a wall-sit for 30 - 45 seconds each area of brushing, taking a short break between each section of the mouth!


                  9. Desk Destroyer! 📥

                    How many hours do YOU spend sitting at your desk every single day? How long do you spend sitting down in the car & on the train on your commute to work?
                    It's highly likely that you're sitting at your desk for too long, which is why Head PT Cecilia has created this blog to give you 11 exercises that you can do at your desk


                    10. Meal Time Mayhem 🍴

                      When planning your meals for the week, why not plan your workouts for the week as well to fill the gap of cooking time while you wait to eat? We have hundreds of recipes available within the Eatwell feature of our website, each listing how long they take to cook! Why not give our Chicken and Shittake Mushroom Pie a go? And with a 20 to 30 minutes cooking time, you can get a workout in to build up your appetite while you wait!


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