Why Use The Calorie Counter?

January 15, 2019
To get the most out of personalising your food plan with us we suggest you use our calorie counter. As you can see the calorie counter will ask a few simple questions make sure you answer them accurately as this will affect your calorie intake at the end, when you get to the 'your goal' this is where your calorie intake is calculated.
Lose Weight - The calculator will calculate the calories you need to lose weight. This number will be your calorie deficit.
A calorie deficit is where the number of calories you consume each day, is less than the calories you burn each day. It is the “magic” that makes weight loss possible.
It estimates calorie needs based on size, gender and physical activity levels. The number you are given is the maximum number you need to consume each day (based on the average person with the same information as you – medical and genetic needs are not considered in this calculator).
Maintain Weight - The calculator would calculate the calories you need to maintain your weight now.
Gain Weight - The calculator would calculate the calories you need to gain weight. This is the minimumnumber of calories suggested for you considering your current levels of fitness, height, starting weight and your personal goals.
Once you have your suggested calorie intake please use the filters on the top of the recipe bank to filter your recipes.
Once you have done this only the recipes that meet your dietary requirements and preferred calorie amounts will show and from here you can make up your own meal plan for the day/week by noting down your recipe choices.
By using the filters and entering your calorie amount this will help you reach your goal and get the most out of your Eatwell experience!
We hope this helps! 
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