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Rose Tea

Rose Tea

Rose Tea

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The floral aroma of rose petals within Yogi Tea’s Rose blend is hugely popular with women. And with the added touch of chamomile, hibiscus, elderflower and lavender, this tea will fill you with love and good spirit. 

Herbal teas are an amazing snack alternative, plus, with less than 1 calorie per tea, you really can’t go wrong.

Tea Type: Romantic
Brewing Suggestion: Place your teabag into boiling hot water for 5-7 minutes for the perfect cup
Ingredients: Hibiscus, chamomile flowers, elderflower, linden flowers, rose petals, cinnamon, lavender flowers, yarrow, ginger, black pepper, fennel, turmeric root, natural flavor, sunflower petals, alfalfa, buckhorn, cardamom, cloves, dried kombucha drink

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